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Deadline: 6th June 2010
Entry Fee: Free

International pinhole photo contest

crbst_Project11.png (28 KB)For the launch of the Still in Motion London Photography festival, in partnership with Stenoflex, we have organized an INTERNATIONAL PINHOLE PHOTO CONTEST…

STILL IN MOTION encourages creative attempts and aims to reveal the diversity of contemporary photography. As a result, we are creating an event in partnership with Stenoflex® that exploits the fact that pinhole technology does not require a great understanding of photographic processes. We intend to create a straightforward participatory experience that is barrier-free, in which the results will be varied and unique. The pinhole camera is ideal for this purpose. Due to its long exposure time, both the photographer and sitter have equal opportunity to influence the shot, providing a degree of interactivity that has been limited by techniques that are more sophisticated. Participants are invited to submit a pinhole photograph related to the contest’s theme of the Changing City. A selection of the best photographers will receive prizes from our partners and images submitted will have their picture scanned and developed in a mini photo lab set up in situ.


The Pinhole camera was one of the first photographic technologies to catch on in artistic circles. It is an old technique that photographers and other artists have never really stopped using thanks to its beautiful and crafty effects. Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp understood its value; emerging contemporary photographers such as Mieko Tadokoro and more established ones like Joan Fontcuberta continue to be drawn to this ancient technique. In this time of digital technologies, the use of pinhole may seem surprising. We chose this technique for three reasons. First, the pinhole is easily accessible and can involve the public in a creative process. The Still in Motion team will provide the participants with their creation tools and accompany them in their artistic approach. Moreover, the practice of the pinhole camera promotes interactivity and enables the public to meet up, highlighting the social dimension of the Still in Motion project. Finally, it is a reminder that, whatever the technique used (pinhole camera, silver, Polaroid, digital camera), it is over all the subject mastery and the photographer that prevail and give the picture its modernity. The festival will aim to expose all types of photography, regardless of the technique. The crossing of an old technology, a modern subject and a contemporary is expected to be extremely prolific.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: lomo cameras, holga, pinhole cameras by stenoflex, photo magazines, photography books… ELIGIBILITY: All Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Still in Motion Ltd. will have the nonexclusive perpetual right to reproduce, use, distribute and display your image only in connection with the contest and the exclusive promotion of the Stil in motion festival, in any media, without financial compensation. By submitting a photograph, you warrant that you are the owner of the image, that your own the copyright. Potential winners shall be required to sign in the application form and the agreement for liability release and where legally permissible, a publicity release and warranty of ownership and license in which the entrants warrant that they are the owners of the photograph and grant to Still in Motion Ltd. By entering the contest, all entrants grant Still in Motion Ltd. Permission for its use for activities of the organization related to the festival. The works may be shown on display on a wide screen in Paris and London during the event.

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