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Websites on Documentary Photography

Interesting Websites on Documentary Photography

February 4, 2016

Documentary photography is a compelling genre which has the ability to leave us feeling a range of emotions, whether it be of sheer fascination and joy, or utter shock and sadness. Because of this, it isn’t hard to see why the medium has grown to appeal to masses all around the globe.

The following websites focus on documentary photography, often giving it a new angle, or simply celebrating it for the powerful genre that it is. For those photographers who are interested in this genre, we also highly recommend that you join these online communities in order to keep up-to-date with photo journalism at its best.

Social Documentary Network

Social Documentary Network is an online hub which showcases documentary photography and visual storytelling exploring global themes. The site believes that documentary storytelling “plays an important role in educating people about our world” and that it doesn’t have to only feature negative aspects of life.

The Network further explains: “We encourage work about joy, love, happiness, ordinary life anywhere. Your work can be about solutions, recovery, peace and reconciliation, and rebuilding. But it can also be about conflict, and disease, and climate change, as long as the stories are about real people and/or real situations. We want the real stuff, your stuff — messy, awkward, jubilant, filled with contradictions, want of answers, but the stuff that the world is made up of everywhere, every day.”


Moving Walls


Moving Walls by Open Society Foundations

Moving Walls is an exhibition series that features photography on human rights and social justice issues and it is part of The Documentary Photography Project by Open Society Foundations. Moving Walls aims to provide “a platform for global practitioners who are expanding the visual language of documentary photography in compelling ways.”

The program has a free-to-visit public gallery space in New York which showcases brilliant document photography exploring social justice themes and a variety of human rights issues.

Documentary Photography Review


Documentary Photography Review

Documentary Photography Review is quite a unique concept, as it focuses on shining a light on the talents in the field of documentary photography. Delving into topics such as “10 Photographers on What Makes a Good Documentary Photographer” and “10 Photographers on What Inspires Them to Document Stories”, this site aims to provide an engaging community for those interested in the genre.

Documentary Photography Review also provides a platform to showcase photo stories and personal projects of both established and up-and-coming documentary photographers. If submissions are not deemed appropriate for publication, the site’s Editors also provide the photographer with a written critique in order to help them improve their work, and therefore, grow in the field.

The site further explains: “Through this process the desire is that those who share their stories will evolve as documentary photographers and become more competent in the art of visual storytelling. Our knowledge and understanding of documentary photography can always be refined, and how better to do that than through the support of your peers around the globe.”


Pictory Magazine

Pictory is an online magazine which focuses on documentary photography featuring issues such as “love, loss, family, travel, and our lives and culture in big pictures.” Although the site is currently not accepting new submissions, it still provides those interested in documentary photography with a valuable and in-depth resource of the medium through its archived content.

In the past, Pictory would release its editorial themes and photographers had the chance to submit one large, captioned image relating to that topic. Pictory’s Editor would then select a dozen of her favorite images to publish to the site, resulting in documentary photography showcases of an extremely high standard.

American Photo

American Photo: Documentary and Photo Journalism

Founded in 1990, American Photo takes pride in featuring “thoughtful and compelling stories on the art and culture of photography, both contemporary and classic.”

American Photo’s ‘Documentary and Photo Journalism’ page provides readers with intriguing and in-depth content regarding these two mediums. Featuring interviews with well-known documentary photographers and recommendations for new documentary photo books, to the best photo journalism exhibits and personal photography projects – this online hub seems to have it all.

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