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Deadline: Jul 10, 2016
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: $35 USD for five images

I’ll Fly Away: Birds Photography Exhibition

I’ll Fly Away: Birds Photography Exhibition

Ah, the birds. Uniquely beautiful, ceaselessly fascinating; borne of dinosaur DNA! Elusive and unreachable, except by the camera lens; if ever there was a creature that inspired mankind’s collective “compare and despair” mentality, the bird would have to be it. Greek mythology speaks of Icarus and Daedalus, who yearned to fly free of of the earth; Edgar Allen Poe wrote of that pesky raven tap, tap, tapping at his window, and even Jesus asked us to consider the sparrow, who neither sows nor reaps, yet still gets along. Heavy.

What is it then about the bird that affects us so? Are they everything we want to be… beautiful, carefree and, literally, above it all? Do we envy their freedom? Do we project on to them our desire to take wing from the grave cares and pedestrian repetitions of our human-ness, to a far place both wild and beautiful, and a life lived literally “on the fly”?

Would that we, like birds, could rise to our potential without care, without responsibility! Unbound by the relic of consistency, or memory of those left behind? Oh! Fickle-feathered fastidious freeloader of heaven and earth, thy name is bird! For the rest of us, wingless, bored and earthbound, photographs of you must suffice!

Approximately fifty works will be chosen from submitted photos to be included in the I’LL FLY AWAY: THE NATURE OF BIRDS group photography exhibition at 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles.

There is an entry fee of $35 for up to 5 images. Additional entries may be submitted for $5 each.

We offer free matting and framing for accepted photographs that fit our pre-cut mat sizes for the duration of the exhibition. We have a variety of frames and mats to choose from.

We will also print your photo for a nominal fee if you are accepted into the show and would prefer not to mail a print.

Selected artists may choose to offer their work for sale. The gallery retains 50% sales commission. We offer free matting and framing for accepted photographs that fit our pre-cut mat sizes for the duration of the exhibition.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: AWARDS: Best In Show, 2nd Place and 3rd Place will be awarded and posted online after the show opening. Award winning photos will be featured on the show page and Best In Show winners will have a small portfolio of their work (up to 10 images) featured in our 1650 Spotlight gallery of photographic excellence.

All Awards winners will also be featured in our 1650 Gallery newsletter, which is broadcast via email to our mailing list. Getting the word out about artists we're excited about helps you do more great work, helps us show more great work, and helps keep the often insular world of fine art photography more diverse and vibrant. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: The artist retains the copyrights for all entries into 1650 Gallery's juried photography exhibitions. USAGE RIGHTS: Photographers retain all rights to their work. Photographers of selected work grant 1650 Gallery the right to use selected photographs for promotional purposes, for display on the 1650 Gallery website, and for inclusion in an exhibition catalog. The artist's name and photo title are to be included in the exhibition and wherever the work is displayed.

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