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Deadline: Nov 10, 2022
Winner is: Judged & Voted
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: 5 €

II BCN-DH International Photo Festival

II BCN-DH International Photo Festival

We are looking for photographic projects on human rights and global justice.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: The ten works selected by the jury will be exhibited at the festival. And the best of them will receive a prize of 2000 euros. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

The participant assumes the authorship and originality of the registered works; declaring that he/she is the legitimate owner of all the rights inherent to it and without any limitation.
The participants are fully responsible for being the only authors, that there are no rights to third parties or any claim for image rights that may arise from the works submitted to the contest.
The organization may freely use the selected images for the dissemination of communication actions related to the award or the themes to which the photographs refer, always citing the author and with prior communication.
In relation to the foregoing, ACP, IAP and Más Retina acknowledge that the author of the photographs presented will retain full ownership of their copyright.
Likewise, the authors are also responsible for any copyright claim by an entity or agent that manages the copyright.
In turn, the participant is responsible for compliance with current legal provisions regarding intellectual property and the right to their own image, responsibly declaring that the dissemination or reproduction of the work in all media and supports that determined by the ACP, IAP and Más Retina for the dissemination of the call itself and/or the educational and awareness-raising projects and campaigns of the ACP, IAP and Más Retina will not injure or harm any right of the contestant or of third parties.
For these purposes, the authors are responsible before ACP, IAP and Más Retina for all pecuniary charges that may arise from claims or conflicts that arise from the violation of the aforementioned rights.
The participant also exempts ACP, IAP and Más Retina from any liability that could result from the breach by third parties of the conditions of improper and illegal use of the submitted works. USAGE RIGHTS: DISCLAIMER
The participant guarantees that the person(s) whose image is reproduced in the photograph(s) submitted to the contest have expressly and unequivocally consented to the capture of their image for the photograph(s). (s), as well as for its reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.
In the event that the person(s) appearing in the photograph(s) is/are a minor, the participant guarantees that they have obtained the express and unequivocal consent of their mother/father or guardian to capture their image for the photograph(s), as well as for its reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.
The participant exempts ACP, IAP and Más Retina from any liability that could result from non-compliance with the provisions of this section.
The author of the first prize and the authors of the selected works, by accepting the rules of the contest, authorize the Associació Catalana per la Pau, International Action Peace and MAS RETINA on a non-exclusive basis, both nationally and internationally. , to the exercise of the rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication of their works
The authors of the selected works grant ACP, IAP and Más Retina, on a non-exclusive basis, with a worldwide geographic scope, without any economic consideration and until the work passes into the public domain, the exploitation rights of the same. Specifically, they assign the rights of reproduction, editing, distribution, public communication and transformation in any format or support known or not currently known, in the following terms:
-The right of reproduction, for the sole purpose that ACP, IAP and Más Retina may use the images selected for this Festival, in any communication, promotion and/or dissemination material related to the Photography Festival on Human Rights and Global Justice of Barcelona, whether in physical or digital format (catalogue, exhibitions, brochures, posters, educational program materials, publicity, television publications, press inserts, newsletters/magazines/memoirs, web pages of the organizers and of the Festival, profiles on the social networks of the organizers and the Festival, in exhibitions, projects, program, whether in catalogs and brochures of the exhibition, without being entitled to payment of any remuneration.
-The right of distribution, in order to broadcast the publications on television, inserts in the press, magazines, catalogs, among the public and, also to accompany possible articles and/or reports in different media, always citing the authorship of the images.
-The right of public communication, in its modality of public exhibition and making available, in order to carry out exhibition of both the awarded and selected works and the aforementioned advertising posters, as well as to enable third parties to access the web pages above, respectively.
-The right of transformation, for the purpose of adaptation and reproduction in other media
Likewise, the authors of the winning work and of the finalist works, assign for the same period of time, geographical scope and non-exclusive nature, the exploitation rights of the derivative works that are based on the pre-existing work whose exploitation rights are assigned in this act.
Said authors or authors of the selected works expressly authorize to Más Retina to assign these rights in favor of third parties, in order to fulfill their founding purposes and projects in which the association participates.
For the purposes contemplated here, the author of the images undertakes to sign the agreements that are necessary to make the stipulated assignment effective.
ACP, IAP and Más Retina undertake to respect copyright and therefore, to always include the name of the author in all the photographs used. However, failure to provide such credit by mistake will not be considered a breach, provided that the organization makes every effort to rectify it within a reasonable time from the date of notification of the breach.
All the projects selected as finalists will be exhibited between, at least, December 10 and 18 in Barcelona, in the public spaces designated by the District Councils and the collaborating entities.
These projects may be exhibited on an itinerant basis on dates after the Festival in other exhibition spaces with informative, pedagogical or didactic purposes, always to promote the festival, the award and human rights
ACP, IAP and Más Retina undertake not to transfer any copies of the projects to third parties without the express authorization of their authors or legal representatives. Nor do they acquire any exclusivity over the award-winning project, or over the selected ones, beyond the filing and disclosure rights that appear in these bases. All authors maintain their copyright and, as a consequence, the possibility of disseminating and marketing their projects. The participants authorize the organization to partially or totally reproduce their works for the promotion and dissemination of the festival in the media and in its promotional channels (on and offline).
For the purposes contemplated herein, the contest participants undertake to sign the agreements that are necessary to make the stipulated transfer effective.

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