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Deadline: April 15, 2015
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry



HUMANITY PHOTO AWARDS 2015 The Humanity Photo Awards (HPA) is a bennial and was established in 1998 by China Folklore Photographic Association, a NGO in official Partnership with UNESCO. Since its second session, UNESCO joined to be its co-organizer. HPA aims to encourage photographers, both amateur and professional, all over the world to document folklore phenomena in an extensive and profound way. During the past 16 years, photographers from 153 countries have participated in HPA. Entrants are required to submit photo stories/portfolios (8 to 14 photos for each set) according to the following categories: Portrait & Costume, Architecture, Living Custom, Production & Commerce, Festivities, Traditional Rites.

Entrants are required to submit photo stories/portfolios (8 to 14 photos for each set) according to the following categories:

Portrait & Costume: Portraits of people from different nationalities; costumes and adornments featuring diverse ethnic cultures, including everyday dress, ceremonial dress, hats and shoes, adornments and hairstyles, etc; the making of costumes and adornments; distinctive attire customs such as dressing etiquette and taboos.

Architecture: The construction process, structure, interior layout and furniture adornments of traditional dwellings, public facilities and special architecture (e.g. religious buildings); the influence of the surroundings reflected on features of the local architecture; dwelling habits of different ethnic groups.

Living Custom: The usual living habits, such as diet modes, food making, cleaning ways and related taboos; ecological consciousness, education forms and folk medicine in different regions; comprehensive and serial life customs of a specific region, a nationality or a tribe.

Production & Commerce: The traditional ways of production under certain ecological environments, such as fishing, hunting, farming, forestry, animal husbandry, etc.; materials processing such as handicrafts industry and folk crafts; services that make life easy; business activities such as products transportation and trade.

Festivities: Annual and seasonal festivals, festivals on production and recreation, religious ceremonies, temple fairs; traditional sports, recreational activities, music, dances and local dramas performed during festivals, especially showing their positive role in communications among local peoples and nations.

Traditional Rites: Birth rites, adult rites, weddings, funerals, morality etiquette, etiquette showing respect for the aged; celebrations for individuals and families, village and family rites, worshiping rites, taboo rites and folk religious rites.



Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: All prize-winning photographers will be invited to attend the award ceremony and related events that last for 3 to 6 days.

6 Grand Awards winners will receive 2,000$ of cash prize and the transport allowance.

60 Documentary Awards winners and several Jury's Special Awards winners will have the chance of receiving the transport allowance if they attend the award ceremony. And they will enjoy free accommodation and meals during the award ceremony. ELIGIBILITY: Open to All

Photos must be uploaded with .jpg format, size between 1MB and 4MB Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Any legal responsibility relating to entries, such as copyright, right of reputation and portrait, right of privacy, right of trade mark, etc. will be borne by the entrants. USAGE RIGHTS: With the guarantee of the right of signature for every author, the organizer has the right to repeatedly use the entries in related non-commercial activities for free, including publications, exhibitions, TV programs, Internet displays, electronic media, etc. The Organizer reserves the right to do probable editing of the entries.

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