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HP Photo Creations 

HP Photo Creations       

You’ve probably always thought of HP as a provider of computer and printer technology. And those products are certainly the lions’ share of HP’s business. But you should also know that the information technology giant also offers photographic printing services. You can easily design your own creations at home—then have them professionally printed and shipped to you. Also, you may be able to pick up some photo projects at a local print shop. Here’s what you need to do to get started with HP Photo Creations.

How to Order Prints with HP Photo Creations

  1. Download HP Photo Creations Software
  2. Set Up an HP Photo Creations Account
  3. Choose Your Photo Product
  4. Add Your Photos
  5. Order Your Photo Prints

Also, while you can always opt for professional printing of your projects, you can print many of them at home. That is an excellent way to save time and print costs.

Unlike other top photo printing websites, HP provides downloadable photo software that resides on your laptop or computer. With HP Photo Creations software, you can make quality photographic designs in minutes. Skilled designers crafted all HP Photo Creations templates to help you do more than place photos on a page. Instead, your projects can tell a unique story.

1. Download HP Photo Creations Software

You can access the HP Photo Creations free download via the website. First, you’ll need to select whether you have a Windows or Mac operating system. After you click on the correct option, installation will begin automatically. You’ll need at least 15 MB of hard drive space and a high-speed internet connection to ensure a successful download.

Also, you should know that the HP Photo Creations print provider is a company called RocketLife. You’ll likely see references to the RocketLife brand throughout the ordering process.

2. Set Up an HP Photo Creations Account

After installing the free software, you will need to create an account. Enter your email address, which will be used as your user ID. Then, create a secure password you can remember. You can select “Keep me signed in on this computer” so that you don’t have to enter your login details every time you want to print an image.

Once you’ve provided your information, check your email for an account verification message. Click on the verification link so that you can access all the features of your new HP Photo Creations software.

3. Choose Your Photo Product

Once you have signed into your dashboard, you may need to navigate to the main HP Photo Creations page. Do this by clicking on “Explore” at the top left corner of your screen. Next click on “HP Photo Creations Welcome.” Now you will see all of the print project options at the top of the screen.

Click on the “Prints” option. You can select from standard-size prints for 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, or 8.5×11 prints. You’ll also see options for enlargements, multi-up prints—which contain two or more images per print—or matted prints. With HP Photo Creations, you can also choose creative prints, which include collages, coloring pages, bunting flags, wall clings, posters, and more. Once you’ve selected your photo print project, select “Order Online” to start your printing order. For some projects, you’ll also have the option to use your home printer and photo paper.

4. Add Your Photos

As a next step, you can add the photos you want to print. Simply click on the “Add Photos” button and then click on “Browse This Computer.” Navigate to the folder that houses your photo files, select the ones you want, and click “Open.” The software will automatically add your photos. You can use the built-in image editor to touch up your pictures prior to printing.

5. Order Your Photo Prints

After adding your photos, you can click on “Add to Cart.” On this page, you will see all your uploaded photos with size selections and quantities listed beside them. The default option is to 4×6 print with a quantity of zero. Near each picture, you’ll see a “+” symbol and a “-” symbol. To add more of a specific quantity, click on the “+” symbol. Delete prints using the “-” symbol. This process makes it easy to add prints of various sizes to a single order.

When ready, click on the “Add to Cart” button again. The software will prepare your order. You’ll have the option to review your selection to make sure that your sizes and quantities are all correct. Click on the “Review” link and then the “Approve” button to confirm that each image looks how you prefer.

If everything looks good, click on “Checkout.” Supply your contact and payment information. Note that HP Photo Creations takes major credit cards and PayPal. For shipped orders, HP Photo Creations states that you should expect five to seven business days for processing in addition to the time for your desired delivery method. You can add HP Photo Creations coupon codes during this step to save on the cost of your order.

HP Photo Creations Photo Products

With HP Photo Creations, you can order prints, design artful collages, create personalized greeting cards, and find a large selection of fun and unique photo gifts.


Unleash your creativity with custom photo collages. At HP Photo Creations, you can choose from dozens of templates for every type of occasion. Want to share a sentiment like “Life is good” or “You made my day”? There’s a template just for you. You can also celebrate vacations, seasonal memories, or other happy moments.

In addition, the online collage maker offers templates for occasions such as the birth of a new child, a graduation, or an important wedding. And if you want to keep things simple, you can also find grids that let you easily combine favorite photos into a one-of-a-kind collage.


With HP Photo Creations’ editing tools, you can easily create printable greeting cards for every occasion. You can find designs for every holiday including Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and everything in between. Commemorate milestones like birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries, retirements, and much more with special greeting cards.

With the HP Photo Creations free card maker tools, you can also print cards with a Disney theme, along with gift cards, recipe cards, and school cards. There’s no need to be a pro at Adobe Photoshop—if you have some basic design skills, you can make your own flat or folded cards and postcards quickly and easily. Make every season special with greeting cards that you design yourself.


Give your best pictures a place to shine year-round with photo calendars from HP Photo Creations. For online orders, you can craft wire-bound calendars that showcase your family portraits, vacation pictures, or pet photography.

Don’t wait until the new year to start your photo calendar. Start at any time and pick favorite pictures to grace pages for each month. Each calendar also features ample space to add text to record important dates, so you’ll never miss a special occasion again.

Photo Books

Photo books are the perfect way to collect and preserve memories. Through HP Creations, you can order mini photo books, classic size photo books, or large format books. Soft-cover mini books are an affordable book option and come in glossy and matte finishes. For classic and large format books, HP provides you a template to start, but you can customize them with text boxes, graphics, and photo tinting. Even if you have little photo editing experience, you can create photo books with huge appeal.

You’re sure to find HP’s photo book maker intuitive and easy to use. Choose from a wide variety of whimsical, classic, and modern artwork designs to capture your personal aesthetic. If you’re a serious photographer, you can even use a photo book as a printed photography portfolio. Use your imagination to unlock endless ideas for photo book printing projects.

Photo Gifts

Whether you share them during the holiday season, for birthdays, or just to show you care, personalized photo gifts warm everyone’s heart. At HP Photo Creations, you can choose from key tags, mugs, water bottles, puzzles, and more.

Are you passionate about travel photography? Why not turn your best images into luggage tags? You can also find photo gifts for every room in the house—with options like placemats, magnets, note pads, and mouse pads. And you can even wrap it all up in your own personalized photo wrapping paper.

Home Decor

When looking for a way to showcase your best examples of photography composition, you should consider home décor from HP Photo Creations. You can select classic canvas prints to bring a gallery-quality look to every image. And with your free design software from HP, you can also create stylish metal prints, photo panels, and wall clings that let you move your images around with ease. Make your home projects and ideas come to life with décor offerings from HP.

HP Photo Creations Pricing

For online orders, HP Photo Creations prices start at $0.17 for a 4×6 print. The good news is there is no minimum quantity required to get this low pricing. As your print size increase, prices rise as well. A 5×7 print costs $0.99, and an 8×10 print is $3.95. For an 11×14 enlargement, you will pay $16.95 per item.

HP Photo Creations also offers large-scale prints in 16×20, 20×30, and 24×36 sizes. Costs for each are $14.95, $19.95, and $25.95, respectively.

If you want to save on your order, search online for HP Photo Creations coupon codes. Deals change often, so check frequently for new options. You may be able to gain a discount on your entire order or find savings on specific products—such as photo books or gifts.

HP Photo Creations: Easy, Stylish Print and Photo Projects

Photo printing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name HP. But if you’re interested in photography, you should get to know HP Photo Creations. With the free HP Photo Creations download, you can quickly and easily order prints and create photo projects. The free software download lets you design everything from cards to collages to presents for everyone on your gift-giving list—all using your personal photos.

Once you launch the software, you can access dozens of design project opportunities. It takes just minutes to upload and order prints. Spend a little extra time to customize a photo card with your own personal sentiments and graphics so you can send a greeting to loved ones. Design a wire-bound calendar or create a photo book to keep or give as a gift. And speaking of gifts, you can find many personalized gift options including mugs, mouse pads, placemats, and much more.

Pricing for HP Photo Creations is on par with other print vendors. With a little research, you can find discount codes to save even more. And you can also print your designs right at home for some HP Photo Creations templates. This way, you can create free photo prints or free printable greeting cards by using your own printer. At-home printing is an excellent idea if you are in a rush or need to keep your budget in check.

Without question, the free software from HP Photo Creations offers you immense design and editing versatility. Once you’ve downloaded the photo creations software, you can experiment with different templates or try your hand at your own design ideas. You’ll soon see why HP Photo Creations has gained many users and passionate devotees.