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Holiday Promotion Tips for Photographers this Festive Season

December 18, 2018

The end-of-year festive season is the perfect time to market and promote your photography services for two main reasons. Not only is it a period when families are seeking-out holiday photo shoots and photo contests, but it’s also a time of year when people aren’t afraid to open their wallets and spend some cash.



This is why it’s super important for photographers to run holiday promotions across December and January, as you certainly don’t want to miss out on additional business over the festive season! While many photographers are often unsure of how or where to begin, fear not. We’re going to share our top holiday promotion tips for photographers with you!


Discounts for Pre-Booked Sessions Next Year


We know some of you may be wondering: how can I run a holiday promotion if I don’t offer Christmas-themed photo shoots or services for family portraits? This is where this holiday promotion idea comes in, as any photographer in any genre can utilize it.

From now until the New Year (or an earlier date of your choosing), you simply offer clients a discount if they pre-book a service with you that will take place next year. For example, perhaps a couple are planning their wedding for 2018 and want to secure your services immediately while you’re offering your discount. Or a company might have a campaign in the works for the coming months, but are won-over by your holiday discount and choose to pre-book your services.

Just make sure you get clients to provide a deposit when they book and ensure you have a contract in place to lock their session in for next year. Too easy!


Platform Only Coupons or Discounts


Many brands and companies have been utilizing this holiday promotion method for years now, so we thought it was only fair that photographers take advantage of it too! All you need to do is pick your social media platform that has the highest rate of engagement and offer those followers a unique coupon code or discount.

You could advertise the promotion on other platforms, but make sure you stress the fact that only followers on your chosen platform will be receiving the discount.

Not only does this holiday promotion method help you gain more followers, but hopefully you’ll win-over some clients in the process too. Always make sure you offer incredible value during the festive season, and you really can’t lose. It’s a win-win!


An Insightful Blog Post Optimized for Shares (and Sales)


This one might take a little extra work, but it really poses quite a few benefits for photographers. Not only does it drive plenty of traffic to their website, but it also boosts the authority of the author and, when optimized successfully, boosts sales like never before!

All you need to do is create an in-depth and extremely helpful blog post on your site which revolves around a holiday-related topic. It could be a checklist of how families can plan their Christmas portrait session, why businesses should plan a fun and festive team photo shoot, or how people will benefit from a specific service you offer during the holiday season.

Be sure to break your text up with plenty of paragraphs, headings, bullet lists, and images, and incorporate SEO strategies too if you’re familiar with them (although you can get up-to-scratch here).

You should also create an eye-catching and optimized image to share the blog post on Pinterest, as this will drive further traffic towards your article. The other trick to gaining sales through the article is by casually mentioning once or twice throughout the article that you offer services relating to those you’re talking about. Then, at the end of the article, include a strong call to action inviting the reader to book a session with you today. Hopefully, they won’t be able to resist!


Countdown and Flash Offers


You’ve probably seen these during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period, but they also work a treat during the festive season. Simply offer an incredible saving on one of your services, or better yet, an entire bundle of products and services. Then, place a time limit on the offer, making sure that everyone knows it is for an extremely limited time only (such as 24 or 48 hours).

Bonus points if you can set-up a timer to share alongside the offer too. It counts down from the offer’s expiration and places a bit more pressure on the viewer to act quickly if they’re sitting on the fence.


Flyer Distribution


It’s an old one, but a good one. Did you know flyers have one of the highest engagement rates out of all of the possible marketing methods (even beating social media and email lists)? If you’ve got some spare cash to spend, why not print out some flyers advertising your holiday deal or services and place these in people’s letterboxes? It needn’t be an expensive exercise, as you could even use a free platform such as BeFunky to design the flyer, before printing out copies using your home printer. Simple, yet effective!

There you have it – our top holiday promotion tips for photographers this festive season! Will you be trying any of these suggestions? Best of luck if you do!

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