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Deadline: December 31, 2013
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry

HIPA 2013 – 2014

HIPA HIPA welcomes all talented photographers from across the globe to convey Dubai’s vision of the future through the lenses of their cameras.
HIPA’s journey continues as we now enter the third session. Four categories have been chosen which will inspire some of the wolrd’s finest and most committed photographers. The Award encourages photographers to share their craft and demonstrate excellence in what is now one of the most coveted Awards in the world.

This session’s four categories are timeless and perfectly reflect the world we live in. They encourage photographers from all over the world to explore the art-form of photography and demonstrate skills and creativity at a level which will set benchmarks globally.

The main category entitled “Creating the Future” has immense potential in terms of interpretation. It gives the opportunity to explore limitless possibilities ,think out of the box and produce work of inspirational excellence.

The Street Life category allows photographers to capture the heart and soul of community life and share a myriad of stories which reflect the many colours of life.

The General category offers photographers the opportunity to express their creativity in their own way. The category offers participants the chance to portray whatever they find inspires them as long as they adhere to the criteria and regulations of the Award.

In addition, the magic of Black and White continues to be a popular category as it conveys intense beauty through its uniqueness and timeless elegance.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Grand Prize: $120,000

"Creating the future" Category Awarded to both International and Emirati Winners
1st $20000
2nd $16000
3rd $12000

"General" Category Category Awarded to both International and Emirati Winners
1st $14,000
2nd $10,000
3rd $6,000

"Black and White" Category
1st $16,000
2nd $10,000
3rd $8,000

"Street Life" Category
1st $16,000
2nd $10,000
3rd $8,000

"Special Awards"
Photography apperciation award (Personal, Group or Team Award) $20,000
Photographic Research/Report Award $25,000 ELIGIBILITY: Open to All / 18+ Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Submissions must abide by all forms of copyright and intellectual property rights, any infringements will be the competitor’s responsibly and not HIPA’s. USAGE RIGHTS: HIPA has the legal right to use the winning photographs for promotional purposes. Any promotional work would be done through print, publishing and other forms of written or visual media

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