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Deadline: 31st December 2010
Entry Fee: Free


Hasselblad 2010 Masters Awards

hasselblad2010.jpg (26 KB)Hasselblad invites photographers to submit photographs to be considered for the 10th annual Masters Awards. The 2010 competition will feature a new category to cover wildlife photography.

Each year Hasselblad awards the title of Master photographers in a range of specially defined categories. Awards are granted in recognition of the photographer’s contribution to the art of photography and photographic ability in the areas of creativity, composition, conceptual strength, and technical skill.

Photographers are invited to submit up to 5 images in each of the following eleven categories:
architecture, editorial, fashion/beauty, fine art, general photography, nature/landscape, portrait, product, up-and-coming, wedding/social and, for the first time, wildlife.

One Master will be chosen for each of the eleven categories.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Each of the 2010 winners – one photographer from each of the 11 categories – will receive a framed diploma certifying their Masters‘ status and a presentation of their work on the Hasselblad website. Winners will also be given the use of an H4D camera, the flagship of the Hasselblad system, with which to capture images for a unique, commemorative photography book, with each winner rendering a personal interpretation of a given theme. ELIGIBILITY: Photographers must have been active* professionals for more than three years . Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: By providing Hasselblad with the Book Images, Masters Images, and Masters Video (hereafter referred to as “The Images”), the Photographer grants to Hasselblad the non-exclusive worldwide perpetual right and license (the “Licence”) to use said Images for any purpose Hasselblad, at its sole discretion, sees fit. The Photographer may not use or make public in any way any of the Images prior to the publishing of the Hasselblad Book and/or relevant campaign and for one month thereafter. Without limiting the generality of clause 4.1, Hasselblad shall have the right of reproduction, the right of distribution in an unrestricted number and in every kind of appearance, the right of exhibition and the right to edit or retouch the Images. It is understood that Hasselblad continues to develop its business and marketing activities and that the Images are part of Hasselblad’s means of developing and expanding these activities. It is therefore understood that the Images may be used in ways not yet contemplated by Hasselblad. It is also understood that the intensity with which the Images are used may possibly increase substantially due to future new ways of use. Without limiting the generality of clause 4.1 and without creating any implied or express preconditions for the use of the Images, Hasselblad on the date hereof plans to use these images in the following ways:(i) On Hasselblad’s web site and Online activities; (ii) In Hasselblad or Hasselblad partners’ newsletters published domestically and internationally;(iii) In calendars; (iv) In magazines, including “Victor by Hasselblad”; (v) On posters; (vi) In brochures and/or in product catalogues; (vii) In slide shows and videos run at various events and exhibitions around the world; (viii) In exhibitions and as wall-decorations in Hasseblad’s offices; (ix) In all various forms of advertising; (x) In the Hasselblad Book (the Book Images only); and (xi) In conjunction with marketing/advertising campaigns The License does not affect the Photographer's proprietary copyrights over the Images unless otherwise specified in this Agreement. Hasselblad undertakes to provide the Photographer with photo credits in all instances where the images are published. Hasselblad shall be entitled to assign the License to use the images to any company associated with Hasselblad.

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