Muğla Escort Aydın Escort Çanakkale Escort Balıkesir Escort
Deadline: Apr 09, 2023
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Varied Entry
Entry Fee: $30USD for the 1st photo, $25USD for the 2nd photo and $15USD for every further photo



Our mission is to create an opportunity for everyone loving photography to receive recognition for their work. We strive to award and show the best photos worldwide.

We invite everyone to upload photos in each of the categories People and Nature

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: In total, $10,000 USD in cash prizes are awarded. $ 5,000 in each of the two main categories (Nature and People).

$ 3,500 for the 1st Place
$ 1,000 for the 2nd Place
$ 500 for the 3rd Place Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: All photos retain full ownership and copyright to their respective owners. USAGE RIGHTS: The photo can be shown in the catalogue, online on the website, on social media and/or in public showings (either printed or projected) and can further be used by newsagencies by always giving credit to the owner.
All photos are retained for monitoring and advertising purposes (on the website, social media and print) by the Global Photo Awards for a period not exceeding 12 months or the conclusion of the following year’s event, whichever is the latest. Awarded, shortlisted and accepted photos can be retained past that period for the same marketing purpose, best-of shows and anniversary catalogues.

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