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Deadline: October 31, 2014
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry

Le collectif du Herisson

Golden Turtle Competition

The Golden Turtle includes various creative competitions aimed at identifying the best works and projects demonstrating the beauty and harmony of wild nature. Festival wildlife «Golden Turtle» representing the best works submitted to the contest, as well as other projects aimed at preserving wildlife annually held in Moscow. After completion of the Moscow Festival of competition are sent to an exhibition tour in Russia and other countries.

The first wildlife photo contest “Golden Turtle” was held in 2006, and in 2010 officially became an international photo contest. For the first time works were adopted on the contest of wildlife films “Golden Turtle” in 2011.

Contests art design and visual arts of the wilderness will be held in 2013 for the first time.

In January and February 2013 Wildlife Festival “Golden Turtle” was held at the Central House of Artists in Moscow, which gathered more than 120,000 visitors.


MAMMALS – Photos of wild animals (mammals) in the conditions of natural freedom. In this nomination a priority is situation shot. In a photo should be displayed the interesting moment from animal life, in its behavior and interaction with other individuals or environment. Dynamical, emotional, remembered and original shots are welcomed.

BIRDS – Shooting of birds in the conditions of natural freedom. In this nomination a priority is situation  shot. In a photo the interesting moment from life of an bird, in its behavior and interaction with other individuals or environment should be displayed. Dynamical, emotional, remembered and original shots are welcomed.

MICROCOSM (insects, spiders, etc.) – Shooting of representatives of a microcosm under natural conditions dwellings. The image of objects during any moment of ability to live, interaction with other individuals, kinds and environment is welcomed. In this nomination a priority is harmony and artistry of all composition. It is necessary to send the close ups of insects to a nomination “Portrait”. Underwater macro should be participate in this category.

OTHER ANIMALS (amphibians, reptiles, etc.) – Shooting of wild land animals under natural conditions dwellings, including an anthropogenous landscape. In this nomination, as well as in previous, a priority is situation a shot which should be emotional, remembered, original.

PORTRAIT OF THE ANIMAL – Close-up shot of any wild animals (including and representatives of a microcosm). The main criteria in this nomination – successful display of character, “soul” of an animal – through its emotions, expression of eyes, a pose, a gait.

HARMONY OF LIFE – Shots in this nomination reflect unity of an animal and environment of its dwelling, as in biological, and art aspect. The shot is estimated as a complete art composition.

MAGIC of PLANTS  – (a plant, mosses, mushrooms, etc.). The nomination assumes beauty reflection in flora, mushrooms and all growing on a planet, in their wild environment and a variety. The original shots displaying objects in an unusual foreshortening and simultaneously showing beauty of wildlife are especially welcomed

LANDSCAPE – The nomination includes the landscape photos showing beauty and harmony of the wild nature. In photos there should not be a presence of anthropogenous intervention. Works will be estimated on degree of artistry and composite completeness. The geographical position of a point of shooting and a kind of a landscape has no value.

ART OF THE NATURE (ART PHOTO) – The principal value in this nomination has the light, structural and graphic decision of all composition as a whole. The shots displaying living objects are welcomed.

THE HUMAN AND THE NATURE – Documentary nomination. In the given nomination it is necessary to represent photos about any interaction of the wild nature and the human kind. Work in national reserves. Animals and people in zoos. People in the course of wildlife preservation. Negative influence of the person on surrounding nature. The shots propagandizing violence, to competition aren’t accepted.

THE PHOTOSTORY – In the given nomination series from 5 works opening a theme of one object, a place or the phenomenon are represented. Serial shooting, to participation in the given nomination, isn’t accepted.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: $80,000 total prize fund ELIGIBILITY: Open to All

File format – JPEG; The sizes: for horizontal works – 1400 pixels across; for vertical works – 1400 pixels on a vertical; file size – no larger than 600 kB Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: The photographer must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of all submitted pictures. USAGE RIGHTS: The photographer must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of all submitted pictures. By participating in this competition, the photographer agrees that his/her pictures may be used, free of charge, by "Golden Turtle", in exhibitions and publications of the organizers and in any purposes connected with carrying out of the competition.

Organizers of competition have the right:
• inclusion within the Website of competition "Golden Turtle" and official groups in social networks;
• to give in unpacked or a digital form of work for estimation of jury;
• to use works of finalists in unpacked or a digital form at competition exhibitions "Golden Turtle";
• to use works of finalists in any printing and electronic mass-media for informing of the public on carrying out of competition and its results;
• to use works of finalists for preparation of photo albums, information booklets, digital carriers and other production which is accompanying competition and exhibitions and being an integral part of their carrying out;
• to use works of finalists in the future for marketing and promotional purposes of the event devoted to popularization of competition;
• to offer authors different variants of commercial use of their photos.
Founders of competition oblige to specify a name of the author of work if it’s used in any kind.

Any commercial use is possible only by the consent of the author.
The exhibition copies printed at the expense of means of organizers of competition "Golden Turtle" for demonstration at an exhibition, remain with organizers and can be used them within the limits of activity of wildlife fund "FLORANIMAL".
Granting of originals of works automatically is the consent with rules of competition and the above-stated conditions.

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