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FedEx Photo Printing

Did you know that world-renowned shipping giant FedEx also offers photo printing products? When FedEx acquired Kinkos more than a decade ago, the delivery company expanded its reach into the printing business. Today, you can order a wide range of prints and products for both personal and business use. Setting up an online account for photo printing is quick and easy. Just follow these steps to get started.

How to Order Prints with FedEx Photo Printing

  1. Create a FedEx Account
  2. Select Your FedEx Printing Product
  3. Add Your Files or Photos
  4. Order Your Photo Prints

 Many people rely on FedEx for packaging and shipping services for everything from household goods to birthday items. But the well-known brand also offers a complete array of photo and printing solutions as well. You can even get passport photos taken and printed, and the print quality is always top-notch.

While you can order larger size canvas prints and posters online, you can head into a nearby FedEx location for photo prints. With in-store photo printing services, you can have gorgeous prints in minutes.

How to Order Prints with FedEx Photo Printing

You can also order your photo prints online and have them available for pick up quickly—often the same day you order.

1. Create a FedEx Account

Get started by creating an online FedEx account. You can keep tabs on your printing and shipping orders and can often score exclusive discounts, too. You can access FedEx Office using a computer, and a mobile app is also available for Android and iOS.

To create an account, visit Select “Sign Up or Log In” at the top of the screen. Next, you can select “Create Account.” Select whether you want to open a personal account or a business account. For a personal account, you’ll need to provide address details, your email, and phone number, along with a custom login ID and password. You’ll also need to set up an answer to a secret question and accept the site’s terms and conditions to establish your account.

Start from the FedEx digital photo printing services section of the site and follow the sign-up prompts. You’ll only need to supply your email, password, and a phone number and answer two secret questions for account recovery to become a registered user.

2. Select Your FedEx Photo Printing Project

Now you are ready to select your photo printing project. You can select posters and canvas prints for large-scale photo printing.

For online photo printing at FedEx, you can follow the same process that you would use for printing documents. As a first step, select “Document Printing” then choose the “Copies and Custom Projects” option. For good print results, select 80 lb. white card stock paper.

Next, you can upload the image you want to print to the site. If you want to print more than one image on each page, you can create a custom file or collage to upload.

3. Add Your Photos or Files

For maximum flexibility, FedEx Office lets you add files and digital photos from a wide range of sources. You can upload images directly from your computer or choose Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, or Instagram. Also, FedEx accepts multiple file types including .pdf, .doc, and .ppt, .gif, .jpeg, .tif, .bmp, and .png. The site does not accept RAW image format files, however—so you’ll need to convert your images if you shoot RAW.

Note that FedEx team members review files for quality before printing. If your image files or low resolution or any other print quality issues are present, a FedEx customer service representative may call you to review your order and help you make any needed fixes.

4. Order Your Photo Prints

When you are happy with your print project, you can select the quantity you wish to print and then click “Add to Cart.” FedEx Photo Printing also provides an express checkout option for repeat visitors. On the next screen, you will see an order subtotal that does not include any packaging, shipping, or tax charges. Be sure to add any promo codes or your FedEx rewards ID on this page if you have one.

Next, click on “Checkout” to finalize your order. You’ll now be able to choose to pick up and your preferred location or opt for delivery to your address. The site provides a handy tool that lets you add your current zip code and find a FedEx store near you. You can also see their pickup hours to find the most convenient option.

If you order totals more than $100.00, you will be eligible for free FedEx ground shipping. You’ll need to supply your address, email, phone, and payment information.

FedEx Photo Printing accepts all major credit cards. As a final step before printing, you’ll need to review your order. Once confirmed, you can complete your purchase and look forward to receiving your photo prints or products!

FedEx Photo Printing Products

Not only can you order prints through FedEx, but you can also order photographic wall art as well. FedEx Photo Printing specializes in posters, photo posters, canvas prints, and more.


There’s no question that posters make a strong statement. With FedEx Photo Printing, you can select your favorite photos, choose eye-popping colors, and add clever text to create a unique poster. FedEx Photo Printing prices posters by the square foot so you can go as large as your budget and space allow.

In addition to classic paper posters, FedEx Photo Printing offers mounted posters that feature a foam core backing. These posters offer greater durability so they can stand the test of time.

Looking for a truly one-of-a-kind poster? Choose backlit prints featuring your photos and designs. Printed on translucent material, backlit posters feature vibrant colors and built-in LED that make your images stand out. Use these stunning posters to showcase your very best examples of color contrast. Your images will stand out in any lighting environment—even the darkest rooms in your home or office.

Canvas Prints

Transform your photos into works of art with canvas prints from FedEx Office. All you need to do is upload your photos, select your print size, and send to print. Many canvas prints are available for you in 24 hours or less. With canvas prints, you can highlight your best examples of photography composition, create whimsical displays of fun, design family prints—and much more.

You can use your own files or select from attractive designs. Templates feature accents and text to enhance the beauty and story of your images. You can add meaningful images—such as your wedding photos or newborn pictures of your littlest loved ones—to a template for a breathtaking memento. Also, you can find templates suitable for holidays, graduations, sports memorabilia, or family portraits. Add stylized templates to other canvas prints to create a gallery wall that is all your own.

Photo Posters

With photo posters from FedEx, you can bring new energy and vibrancy to any room in your home. Available in both gloss and satin finish, every poster comes mounted on a sturdy rigid board for durability. FedEx Photo Printing states that each poster should last a minimum of five years when kept indoors.

Printed in full color, photo posters make a bold statement. You can choose from several FedEx Photo Printing sizes including 10×10, 16×20, 20×24, and 24×36. Add one to a wall by itself to draw attention to your image or create a custom grouping of images. You can create a sleek, stylish look anywhere with photo posters featuring your own treasured pictures.

Other Photo Product Options

Because of its legacy of business printing and copying services, FedEx has a wide array of marketing materials that can double as photo products. Planning to travel out of the country? FedEx can help you update your passport. You can also create fun flyers, color copies, address labels, business cards, or postal cards featuring your photos and send them to loved ones. Or, create banners or yard signs with your photos to commemorate a momentous occasion such as a new birth, graduation, or retirement.

Be sure to explore every corner the FedEx Photo Printing and let your creativity be your guide. You’re sure to find new ideas and photography inspiration!

FedEx Photo Printing Pricing

When printing photos online, you’ll use the FedEx tool for printing documents. This means you’ll pay a single price per page instead of paying per print. If you add more than one image to each page, you can save money, but you will need to trim the pictures to the desired size.

For a standard 8×11 documents print, prices start at $0.69. You can also choose larger paper sizes if needed. FedEx offers 8.5×14 paper sizes at $0.86 per page and 11×17 at $1.38 per page. For large projects, you can always contact FedEx for a free quote.

If you’ve been exploring the site for a while, FedEx will often offer you a limited time discount via a pop-up. You may be able to get a percentage off of your order total. But act fast! These special promotions may only be available for a few minutes. If you click away, you may lose your chance to save.

FedEx Office Print Services

You may think of FedEx as your go-to source for your shipping needs. But you should have FedEx Photo Printing services on your radar for all your photography needs as well. FedEx first made forays into the photo printing business more than 15 years ago and focuses on delivering high-quality results to all its customers.

While you can visit a FedEx office location for printing services, you can also print your photos as documents online. You’ll need to have a FedEx account or be a registered user to access online services. It’s easy to add files, select your photo printing options, and place your order through the website. In many cases, you should be able to pick up your order the same day. Or, you can choose to ship your photos and receive them in a few business days. You’ll be able to track your FedEx Photo Printing shipments right through the FedEx website or app. Often, you can pick up your orders in 24 hours or less. And don’t forget to check out other print options from FedEx—since many of their marketing materials can double as unique printed photo items.

FedEx Photo Printing Prices are always competitive. But you can often save even more with a coupon—look for discount codes right on the website or search the web for other promotions. Add codes during checkout to score a lower FedEx Photo Printing cost for every order.

You may not immediately think of FedEx as your one-stop shop for photo prints and services. But it’s time to shift your mindset because FedEx offers much more than shipping services. With opportunities to print photos online or at a FedEx store, along with poster printing and canvas print options, FedEx is an exceptional resource. You’ll soon consider FedEx as one of the premier photo printing websites around.