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Learn a New Skill in 2017: Our Favorite Photography Tutorials of All Time

April 18, 2017

Not long ago, we rounded-up the best YouTube accounts that photographers need to follow, with many of these channels offering expert tips and tutorials.

Today, we’re going to look at our favorite photography tutorials of all time, this time focusing on the best individual videos that you’re sure to find both educational and enjoyable to watch.

7 Simple Photography Hacks by COOPH

With almost 6.5 million views of this video, it’s safe to say that many photographers are interested in enhancing their camera and photography through simple hacks using materials often found around the home.

In this video, viewers can learn various hacks including the timelapse rig hack, arty filter hack, Vaseline hack, flash diffuser hack, ND filter hack, string hack, and bokeh hack. Forget expensive materials or new equipment here!

How to Remove Anything from a Photo in Photoshop from Photoshop Tutorials by PHLEARN 

How often have you captured an image you absolutely love, only to find something unsightly lurking in the image, such as rubbish on the ground, crude etchings on a wall, or a bug in the model’s hair (for example)? 

Thankfully, this video tutorial from PHLEARN will teach you how to remove absolutely anything from a photo using Photoshop. This is fantastic knowledge for every photographer to have under their belt – no matter what your skill level is!

How to Change a Background in Photoshop by Kelvin Designs

Want to get a little more arty with your photos? Perhaps you’re really interested with playing around with your images in programs such as Photoshop and would love to have them take on more of a fairytale or surreal aesthetic?

This tutorial from Kelvin Designs will teach you how to do exactly this, so you can soon be experimenting with your images and creating whole new works of art in no time at all.

9 Photo Composition Tips (feat. Steve McCurry) from COOPH

COOPH is back among this list with another oldie but a goodie. As a photographer, you’ll certainly will be aware of the famous Steve McCurry, and this video will help you brush-up on your composition techniques – minus having to enroll in an expensive photography course.

Beginner photographers in particular seem to struggle from time-to-time with their composition, so this is a must-watch for anyone starting out in the field! There may also be some composition techniques in here that you’re not aware of (or just haven’t tried out before), so it’s sure to be an eye-opener.

Bokeh Photography Tutorial by Photo Extremis

One of the most widely-searched terms from photographers is how to achieve bokeh in their work. Thankfully, this simple tutorial from Photo Extremist will break-down the method into smaller steps and you’ll soon be capturing gorgeous bokeh in your photographs.

If you don’t believe us, watch the video for yourself – after all, over 2,053,362 views can’t be wrong!

How to take great Astrophotography and night sky photography tutorial from Canon Australia

Have you ever wanted to capture all of the celestial beauty of the night sky? This isn’t an easy feat, but after watching this video tutorial from Canon Australia, you’ll have a much better idea as to how to go about it!

The winner of the Astrofest David Malin Awards Wide-Field category, photographer Phil Hart, shows you how to shoot great photographs of the night sky, stars, space and moon. Just imagine using the night sky in all of its glory as the backdrop to your upcoming photo shoot. How unique!  

Dispersion Effect: Photoshop Tutorial by Photoshop Tutorials 

This is a cool technique that we’ve been noticing among the work of some of photography’s most famous individuals. Since 2017 should be all about learning new skills within this medium, we just had to include this tutorial to help you create the dispersion effect in your own images!

Using a photo you’ve already captured and the program Photoshop, you too can create an image that looks this amazing. It’s particularly effective in surreal imagery!

Levitation Photography Tutorial: How to Hover with Multiple Exposures by Tony & Chelsea Northrup

This is a fascinating tutorial that not only shows you the best way to set-up a levitating image, but also how to post-process it in Photoshop to make it seem realistic (and make the supports disappear so the model actually appears to be levitating).

You’re sure to feel inspired by this video to test-out your own images in this whimsical style and we really can’t think of anyone better than Tony and Chelsea Northrup to help you achieve this.

There you have it – our favorite photography tutorials of all time to help you learn a new skill in 2017. We hope you find these inspiring, motivational, and most importantly, educational!

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