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Deadline: October 14, 2014
Winner is: Judged & Voted
Entry: Free Entry

EyeTime 2014 Photo Competition

EyeTime 2014 EyeTime 2014 invites students and young professionals or enthusiasts to submit a collection of their photography comprised of up to three digital images. By submitting your work, we invite you to share your voice with the collective intelligence of a community of visual thinkers. The competition is free to all entrants.

The proliferation of device culture, social networking, and cloud technology are changing the way we create, and connect on a daily basis. For photography, this means that technology is not only transforming the process of production, but also the processes through which we share, critique, and organize ourselves around the work we do. The competition is first, and foremost an experiment in distributed intelligence. By leveraging the “wisdom of crowds” every entrant can see and understand how his or her work is experienced by others. It has been predicted that in 2020, there will be 50 billion mobile internet connections worldwide, the equivalent of seven devices per person. Thus, this competition is not simply about the existence of technology, but rather why and how we harness it as artists.

As the paradigm shift from analog to digital is paired with the emergence of platforms for the digital consumption of images, photography inherently reassess its methods, media and subjects, in order to establish a dialogue with an audience whose visual abilities are increasingly expanded by technology. Thus, this competition challenges you to confront the world with your photography. By sending it out into the field you will test yourself and your work. You are the artist, the curator and the critic. EyeTime 2014 poses the following questions: What are the aspirations by which we evaluate photography today? In an increasingly networked culture, what makes an image capable of cutting through the virtual noise, and starting a new conversation? How do evolving forms of media affect the way in which your message reaches its destination? What is your message?

Eyetime 2014 was assembled by photographers, professors and students as a means to publicly promote the research, exploration and investigation currently happening amongst today’s emerging talent. The competition is supported by the ICP (International Center of Photography), APA (American Photographic Artists), ADC (Art Directors Club), and is hosted by The Morpholio Project. The guest jury includes participants from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Resource magazine, Light Stalking, Shutter Sisters, Psychology for Photographers, and the ICP. We look forward to your participation.

In Memory of Jessica Lum

Jessica Lum was a young, spirited and extraordinarily talented journalist. As an award-winning photographer, reporter, editor and humanitarian, she dedicated her tragically short career to the needs of giving voice to others. Through her storytelling, Jessica would seek to redefine the “presence” of those telling a story and capturing the moment that is to be preserved. Her approach was best stated in her own words: “To truly understand a story we need a deeper level of interaction. If we desire to truly grasp the full significance of an image that we capture, we need to step out from behind that camera, gain a level of trust and converse with the human people to whom we wish to give voice.”

EyeTime 2012 was privileged to have Jessica as an esteemed Jury member and will be forever grateful for her contributions to emerging talents, as well as the profession of Photojournalism. This year, EyeTime will be honoring the mission, voice and work that Jessica shared with the world, a mission captured by her own words: “When I write and when I take pictures, I realize that it isn’t me trying to create something, it’s me trying to preserve the moment. But in preserving the moment, I’m not trying to battle against the inevitability of time passing. I’m simply trying to understand the moment.”

On behalf of the competition organizers, supporters and contributors, we commemorate Jessica Lum and her work, and offer our condolences to those who knew her.

Special thanks to our collaborator Resource Magazine:

Resource Magazine was launched in 2007 as an innovative New York based photo and video production magazine. After years of expansion, Resource is now an internationally distributed and recognized publication. With multiple outlets including an interactive digital edition available on iTunes Newsstand and a powerful website updated daily, Resource has become the staple in the advancement of image making. Its creative vision, distinguished content and design was built by CEO and President Alexandra Niki, who has a background in prop styling and set building. Niki’s entrepreneurial mind is now leading Resource Magazine’s media voice and growing community.


Future Voices (students only)

Future Voices aims to discover upcoming design voices within academia. To be eligible, students must currently be under-graduate or post-graduate students at universities or tertiary institutions. (Tertiary institutions include: junior colleges, colleges of technology, and other relevant vocational schools.)

Emerging Talent (young professionals or enthusiasts)

Emerging Talent is oriented to all young professionals and upcoming practices. To be eligible, young professionals must be 40 years of age or under if submitting as an individual. If the work was completed by practice, then the practice must be 15 years old or younger.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: For each category there will be a winner(s) selected from the finalists by the guest Jury as well as a winner(s) selected by public "EyeTime."

All winning entrants will receive the title of Competition Winner(s) and will be announced in Resource Magazine on line as well as in a public Press Release. Additional Honor Awards, Special Recognitions and Honorable mentions will be included in all press releases.

Jessica Lum Award: One entrant will have the special honor of receiving the Jessica Lum Award which recognizes excellence in Photojournalism amongst today’s young talent. ELIGIBILITY: Open to All / 18+

jpg files less than 5mb Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Entrants maintain full copyright to their work and grant no usage to the Competition Organizers other than those granted herein. USAGE RIGHTS: For purposes of announcing the winners, finalists and/or the competition, the Competition Organizers reserve the right to reproduce, distribute, in part or in whole, any images or text included in the submission material. Entrant agrees that their work may be exhibited or shown during competition sponsored events, as well as on the competition sponsored website and competition sponsored promotional materials, allowing for the entrant to retain control over the licensing of their work. Entrant agrees that the Competition Organizers may reproduce and may allow reproduction of selected images in competition approved publications. Credit will be given to the entrant for any image(s) used. It also acknowledges the right to use winners and finalists in any and all forms of print, electronic and digital media, related to The Competition.

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