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Deadline: 30th November 2009
Entry Fee: Free to Members

Digital Image Cafe – November Photo Contest


Enter your photos in our photo contests, including Photo of the Day, Photo of the Month, and Photo of the Quarter! Compete for some great monthly prizes from our sponsors!

All Photo of the day winning images are automatically entered in the Photo of the month contest. One of our 8 categories is a Theme that is selected by the membership via our monthly survey. The Theme for November is Back Off!  –  Minimalistic with negative space (No digital art allowed).

The Digital Image Cafe has quickly become a favorite place to showcase all types of digital imaging and is one of the largest online photography communities where you may enter contests, win prizes, receive critiques, make friends and grow!

Contest Categories:

Still Life/Other
Still Life is the type of work in which an arrangement of diverse inanimate objects, including items of food, plants and artifacts is depicted. This arrangement is often apparently random and is usually within a domestic setting. A “Still Life” is an arrangement of anything that does not move or is dead. Anything still living is not a “Still Life”.

Other Photography is an entry that does not appear to fit in any other category.

Scenic Photography is Landscapes, Cityscapes, Seascapes and Skies. Broad or wide-angle views in which the main subject is the environment. Architecture is best suited, but not limited to this category.

People Photography contains people or a person. Can be Portraiture, Journalism or Candid, as long as there is a person or persons presented.

Digital Art
Digital Art, contemporary art in which computer technology is used in a wide variety of ways to make distinctive works. All components of the entry must be the entrants own photography and/or artwork. No base photography is required for Digital Art. Public Domain imagery is NOT allowed.

For entries in the Digital Art (DA) category, the image MUST be your own creation but may also contain elements of which you own the rights. However, these elements should not comprise the entire image. Elements that are considered Public Domain are not allowed in whole or part in any category. For filters and elements that are supplied with software, consult that software manufacturer’s End User License Agreement (EULA).

Macro photography refers to close-up photography. Entries should be 1:1 or larger but not required. General “Close-up” photography will suit this category. Subject matter is not limited to anything in particular. You need not specifically use your Macro feature.

Abstract photography is having only basic or essential form with little or no pictorial representation or narrative content. Generally, if it is immediately recognizable as an object – it is not always considered an abstract. Abstract in this category refers to the abstract quality of the photograph composition, not the abstract quality of the subject matter.

Black & White
Black & White Photography depicts any subject matter in a grayscale, sepia or monotone manner.

Animal Photography depicts Animals and Insects.

Rules and guidelines will be outlined within a week of the 1st of every month.

Panos can be submitted in any category, provided they fit the category content.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: You could win one of these fabulous prizes from our sponsors!
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ELIGIBILITY: Membership required $29.00 Annually Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: The copyrights of the photography/artwork contained on remain with the photographer/artist. All photography/artwork is displayed with the permission of the photographer/artist. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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