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Deadline: October 23, 2011
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: $10 fee per entry.

Umencia Portrait Photo Contest

CPAWS Capture the Wild Photo Contest 2011

cpaws CPAWS is launching its annual Capture the Wild Photography Contest with this year’s theme “The International Year of Forests.” This photography contest is designed to raise awareness and funds in support of CPAWS and Alberta’s wilderness conservation. CPAWS invites photographers of all ages to capture the beauty of Canada’s wild spaces.

The following five categories celebrate, “The International Year of Forests,” and applicants can submit into any or all categories, and as many submissions as they like. We are excited to see your artistic expressions of nature!

Tree Huggers – As people explore the outdoors, we can’t help ourselves but to embrace the beauty of nature, specifically our forests. This category is to showcase people embracing and celebrating the forest. Images can highlight people hiking through forests, hugging our trees, or any other creative way we express our bond with the trees and forests that provide us with healthy lifestyles. Remember: these images include people!

Forest Dwellers – Through our treks into the forests many of us experience an encounter with forest dwellers. “Dwellers” represent the diversity of fauna found in forests; from smaller critters, such as birds and insects to our bigger animal friends, such as grizzly bears or the ever secretive and mysterious lynx.

Nature up Close – Photography has allowed us to capture images up close and with incredible detail. Our “Nature up close” category captures objects, flora, flauna, or micro-environments from a macro perspective. An image could show the intrinsic details of the veins spreading across a leaf or the magnified beauty of a flower blooming. Any “up close” encounter with nature is welcome!

Walk on the Wild Side – Exploring nature across landscapes and seascapes and through a variety of adventures helps us to connect with our inner “wild side.” Pictures submitted into this category will showcase people playing in the great outdoors. This can include people kayaking, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, or any other adventure with a focus on sustainable recreation.

Canadian Forests – To highlight the International Year of Forests, we are looking for breathtaking and inspiring images of Canadian Forests. Through the seasons and across the country, our forests provide incredible biological diversity, are ever transforming and represent the lungs of our earth. Let’s celebrate this year by capturing the enchanting beauty of our forests.


Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Grand Prize: $500 Gift Certificate to The Camera Store
Prize Package from Mountain Equipment Co-op
Hiking Guide - “Exploring the Castle: Discovering the Backbone of the World in Southern Alberta”

Category Prizes (5)
$100 Gift Certificate to The Camera Store
Prize Package from Mountain Equipment Co-op
Hiking Guide - “Exploring the Castle: Discovering the Backbone of the World in Southern Alberta” ELIGIBILITY: Canada Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Sponsors do not retain any rights to photographs USAGE RIGHTS: CPAWS reserves the right to publish all photographs and/or use them in any type of promotion or advertising including newsletter, display, website or promotional material without compensation to the photographer. Photographs submitted to the CPAWS contest are only used in-house for communicating wilderness and conservation efforts

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