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Annual Photography Awards 2021

Win cash prizes, trophies and many more!

Looking specifically for those with a bold & innovative approach that disrupts traditional artistic standards, participants can submit entries in up to eight categories. There are no restrictions on interpretation, creativity, or aesthetic; we accept all formats that showcase new talent and help grow the notoriety of photography as a...
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Deadline: Jun 06, 2021
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
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Photo contests with rising money prizes at Shuttout

Prizes from $10-$50 and then rising $1 with each premium entry

20+ live photo contests created on a daily basis by the community and photography influencers. Join contests for free or with premium entry ($2) to fight for the money prizes that rise with each premium entry. Limited offer: Sign up and get special $2 bonus from Shuttout founder. It will...
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Deadline: Ongoing
Winner is: Voted
Entry: Varied Entry
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Showing 2 results for the category: Photojournalism.