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The Most Common Myths About Wedding Photographers

August 9, 2017

Are you, or is anyone you know, a wedding photographer? If so, chances are you’re well-aware of the ridiculous myths and misconceptions floating around about this profession.

Not only does it take serious photographic expertise, talent, and dedication to work within this field, but it’s also a very important job. After all, a wedding is a couple’s biggest day yet, but it’s the photos that will last forever.

Today we’re going to address the most common myths about wedding photographers, hoping to put a stop to these misconceptions once and for all!

Let’s get started!

The Most Common Myths About Wedding Photographers

Their job is simple, they just take photos

How often have you heard someone remark that a wedding photographer’s job is easy because all they have to concentrate on is capturing photos? Hopefully you haven’t heard it too often, but if you have – it’s certainly a myth!

One of the most difficult things to do at a wedding is to block out all of the craziness, crowds of people, and somewhat drunken behavior to capture not just photos, but the best photos the bride and groom will have ever seen of themselves. We’re not talking candid party snaps – we’re talking photos worthy of being printed on large canvases and sprawled throughout albums for everyone to see (forever!).

At times there will be so many things happening all at once, making the photographer wish they could be in a million places at the same time. Knowing where to position themselves, what angles to capture, and when to press the shutter release amidst all of this celebration is exactly what makes a wedding photographer’s job more than “just taking photos”.

Wedding photographers charge outrageous rates

To some, wedding photography is synonymous with being “ripped off” in terms of pricing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The only reason a wedding photographer has to charge higher rates than say, a corporate portrait photographer, is because of the amount of work involved with their job.

Photographing a wedding is more than a one-hour job, in fact, wedding photographers can spend up to 12 hours on their feet, depending on when the wedding begins and ends. It’s not unusual for them to be one of the last people standing at the event, while guests begin to make their way home.

Then there’s the other tasks involved in photographing a wedding, many of which go beyond the actual photo-taking. There’s the preparation in the lead-up, backing-up the files, culling the photos, editing the images – and it doesn’t just end there.

The Most Common Myths About Wedding Photographers


Anyone can take photos at a wedding, you don’t need to hire a professional

This is probably the most common misconception regarding wedding photography, however it couldn’t be further from the truth.

As we mentioned earlier, a wedding is one of the biggest days in a couple’s lives, and it’s something they plan for months, if not over a year, in advance. Would you really want to hand a camera to one of the (non-wedding photographer) guests and trust them in capturing these precious and beautiful moments to cherish for a lifetime?

Would the images be unique, high-quality versions to cherish, or would they simply look like every other photo the couple owns? Would they know how to change the camera’s settings to suit the various conditions (like low-light or outdoors with full sun)? Unless they’re an experienced photographer, it’s best to assume these photography skills may be lacking.

The wedding photographer’s duties stop once they leave the wedding

Sure, a wedding photographer might be on his or her feet for a long time during the course of the wedding, but once they leave, isn’t their job over? Answer: No! In many ways, their job is only half-done.

Once the images have been captured, the wedding photographer then has the time-consuming task of choosing which images to keep, editing these images (perhaps the most hands-on task of all), getting the images printed (if this was part of the package), and more. And they usually have a pretty tight time frame to complete all of this in too!

The Most Common Myths About Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography is a side-hobby, not a full-time business

This is perhaps the myth that bugs wedding photographers the most, however it’s also a very big misconception! Wedding photography is 100% a full-time business and will often include other related services such as engagement sessions.

As we mentioned previously, a wedding photographer’s job goes beyond the wedding, so during the week they’ll still be super busy completing tasks relating to their wedding photography business, whether it’s editing photos, marketing, bookkeeping, updating their social media presence, etc.

There are so many wedding photographers earning a living from this industry, so it’s certainly not one to be downplayed.

There you have it – the most common myths about wedding photographers busted! Next time you hear any of these misconceptions, feel free to point that person in the direction of this handy article.

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