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Deadline: Sep 08, 2024
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: 10-30€



Revolutionize your photographic career with an unmatched opportunity tailored just for you. Think about it: your works are in the hands of the most influential galleries, distributed at the most prestigious festivals around the world, and valued by the most influential agencies in the sector.

More than a dream, it is a tangible opportunity, within your reach. if you’re ready to challenge the limits and project your art on a global stage, it’s time to show us your projects. don’t delay. your talent deserves recognition, and we are the springboard you need. upload your work now.


Dodho Magazine is not just a magazine; it is an effective and direct promotion tool created for you. Each edition of our publication serves as a bridge that connects your work with a professional and diverse audience. We distribute each issue to the most prestigious galleries, influential agencies, renowned festivals, and key figures in the industry, ensuring that your photographs are seen and appreciated by top experts.

Since our beginnings in 2013 and with 29 editions published, Dodho Magazine has become an essential resource for discovering and promoting new photographic talents globally. Today, we are more than just a publication; we are a prominent platform in the international photographic landscape. Our print and digital editions reach thousands of industry professionals worldwide. Every page of Dodho Magazine has been meticulously designed to highlight the beauty and depth of your work.

Forget about ‘likes’. At Dodho, the trajectory of a professional photographer is based on substantial and lasting recognition. Your work will be evaluated and appreciated by experts who understand and value the art of photography. Dodho Magazine is truly committed to excellence because we understand the effort and dedication behind every image and project. That’s why our mission is clear: to discover, promote, and disseminate the best photographic talent. We not only showcase your work; we catapult it in front of those who are constantly seeking the next great story told through the lens.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Printed Edition | Digital Edition | Online Publication | Visibility To The Experts Of The
Sector | Digital And Online Diffusion Of Your Images | Legal Coverage Of Your Work
For Two Years Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: The copyright of the images and projects will always and exclusively belong to the photographer and author of the project. The images will be used strictly in relation to the Dodho prizes and will not be utilized for any other purposes apart from promoting their authors directly. The images may not be used by any third party under any circumstances without the express consent of the author, and any such use would require a written request, which will be forwarded to the author via email. Dodho reserves the right to publish the best works received in its online edition and subsequent promotion on its social networks, while always safeguarding authorship and copyright. USAGE RIGHTS: All entrants to the Call For Entries, by their submission, assert that the images and projects presented are their own original work, and there has been no copyright infringement. Dodho is not responsible for any potential infringement of rights that may occur during the selection process or subsequent exhibition of any image. The entrant bears the responsibility for obtaining any and all necessary releases and consents prior to the submission of the photograph, to permit its exhibition and usage. The projects will be evaluated by a professional jury, renowned in the photography field, and the judgement will be unbiased, not influenced by the author's data. The jury’s verdict will be final and non-contestable.

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