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BJs Photo

A members-only wholesale club, BJs has a reputation for delivering great products at affordable prices. But BJs isn’t just a top source for your home and personal needs. The company—which has more than 215 U.S. locations—also is a premier photo printing services provider. You can order prints and products through BJs Photo online. Get started with BJs Photo by following a few easy steps.

How to Order Prints with BJs Photo

  1. Become a BJs Member
  2. Sign in to Your BJs Photo Account
  3. Add Your Photos Online
  4. Select Print Options and Place Your Order
  5. Track Your Order Status

Like Costco and Sam’s Club, BJs offers several membership levels for personal and business use. If you want to sample BJs offerings and low prices, be on the lookout for special months when the company allows you to shop online without signing on as a warehouse club member.

1. Become a BJs Member

To access the full spectrum of BJs Photo services the whole year through, you will need to become a member. You can join online by going to and selecting the icon that looks like a person at the top of the screen.

You’ll see text that reads “Not a Member?” and a “Join Now” link that you will need to click. Next, you’ll visit a page that details BJs membership options and costs. Pick the one that is best for you, complete the signup form, and add your payment.

2. Sign in to Your BJs Photo Account

While setting up your BJs membership, you’ll be asked to supply your email address and create a password. You will use these login details to access your BJs Photo account.

At any time, you can update your login credentials or home address. Just click on the “Edit Account Info” link that is located on the right side of your screen. Type the new details in the correct fields and click “save.”

3. Add Your Photos Online

After logging into your account, you can begin adding photos. Start by going to the main page of your BJs Photo account, click on your name, open the drop-down menu, and then click on “My Photos.” Now, click on the “Upload Photos.” This will open a page that lets you drag and drop photos or browse through your computer to select images.

You can also sync with social media—including Facebook and Instagram—to import photos from those networks. Select your images and click “Open” on the bottom right of the screen to start the upload process. Enjoy free unlimited photo storage and photo sharing as long as you log in every six months.

BJs Photo offers tools that let you remove red-eye and crop your photos. BJs also converts all uploaded images into JPEG format. Keep these facts in mind if you routinely shoot in RAW image format. You can download your photos from BJs Photo, where you can perform additional edits in Photoshop or an editing app like A Color Story.

4. Select Print Options and Place Your Order

Once you have uploaded your photos, simply click on the ones you want to print. Then, select “Order Prints” on the bottom right of your screen. On the next page, you can select your preferred print sizes. Click “Next” to move to the next step—which is to select either glossy or matte paper. Now, click “Next” again to select your print quantities. On this page, you can also select each image individually and choose different dimensions and paper types if needed.

After clicking “Next” again, you will find yourself on an order confirmation page. Make sure your order details are correct, then click “Proceed to Checkout.” You’ll be prompted to select cropping options before proceeding to the final checkout page. Add your shipping details and choose your delivery option—and be sure to add a BJs Photo promo code if you have one. Click “Continue” to review your order and submit it for processing.

5. Track Your Order Status

To check on the status of your order, click on the “My Orders” link under your name on the menu bar. Now, click on the order number for your order to verify its status. Customers can also contact one of BJs photo technicians for help with your order. Once your prints have shipped, you can track the progress and see the estimated delivery date.

BJs Photo Products

Many people turn to BJs when shopping for discount grocery, home, and personal care products. But low costs on goods like these aren’t the only benefits of a BJs club membership. You can also gain access to top-quality BJs photo printing services and a complete portfolio of photo products.

Creative Prints                          

In addition to standard prints and enlargements, BJs Photo offers a complete selection of creative prints. You can combine a group of images into a photo collage to create art that is truly your own. Or, you can choose bordered prints that feature a thin line around your image for a more polished look.

At BJs Photo center, you can also select from several wallet print styles. Choose classic portrait or landscape orientations of the same images or opt for multiple images on a single page. You can also create a unique “Instastrip” that features a grouping of complementary images. 5×7 and 8×10 wallet print options are also available.


Commemorate life’s special moments and big occasions with cards from BJs Photo. You can invite guests to your neighborhood block party or share the news about your upcoming wedding with a one-of-a-kind photo card. And you can send out BJ Photo cards for birthdays, graduations, retirements, and every holiday season. With BJs Photo Christmas cards, you can spread cheer and send holiday wishes to everyone on your list.

BJ Photos offers dozens of themes in every color imaginable, along with options to feature a single image or four or more of your favorite pictures. With single-sided and double-sided designs or folded options, you can find the perfect card choice for your every need.

Photo Books

Looking for a way to create a standout photo collection? Consider softcover and hardcover photo book styles from BJs Photo. Start with a BJ Photo photo book template, add your own images, text, and personal touches—and voila! You have a masterpiece that you can keep for yourself or give as a gift to friends and family.

Starting at just $16.99, softcover photo books are a budget-friendly way to make the most of your photographic memories. For a more durable, heirloom quality photography book, opt for a hardcover style. For both styles, you can add extra pages to the base layout for an extra fee.


Photo gifts are a great way to make the most of your images. At BJs Photo, you can choose from a wide range of drinkware—including mugs and water bottles—that are certain to get daily use. Buy them for everyone from your dearest family members to special teachers or mentors. They’re sure to smile every time they use their custom mug.

BJs Photo also sells office items, such as mouse pads and magnets, that you can personalize with your own photos. Do you admire travel Instagrams and have a serious case of wanderlust? A photo luggage tag can travel with you everywhere you go. Design cozy photo quilts or create a photo puzzle to enjoy on your next family game night. And don’t forget your four-legged loved ones! BJs Photo has photo bandanas, collars, and bowls for your pets.

Wall Decor

A house filled with photographs is a personal and joyful place to call home. Wall art is also a great way to show off your skill in photography composition. Through BJs Photo, you can order framed prints in various sizes to create a coordinated look for any room. If your style is more modern, consider sleek metal prints or choose wooden prints for a rustic touch. BJs Photo also offers popular canvas prints—including framed canvas prints—to transform every photo into a work of art.

Looking for a less permanent wall décor solution? Order photo wall clings from BJs Photo. You can quickly transform any room and move your wall clings to a new location whenever you redecorate. Wall clings are perfect to create seasonal ambiance in your home as well.

Home Decor

Homes are meant to be cozy and welcoming. With photo home décor from BJs Photo, you can create a living environment that is true to you. Choose from pillows and blankets to brighten any room. Or, adorn your fridge with photo magnets that reflect your most cherished memories. Use cork-backed photo coasters to protect your furniture and enjoy your best images at the same time.


Calendars help us keep our lives on track. Photo calendars help remind us of happy times and favorite places. At BJs Photo, you can create traditional wire-bound wall calendars, desk or tabletop calendars, or large year-at-a-glance calendar posters—all enlivened with your photos.

Hang calendars in your kitchen, bedroom, or office to stay on schedule. Since photo calendars are both practical and personal, they make unique gifts for the special people in your life. With a wide array of calendar designs, you can find the best match for your personal style at BJs Photo.

BJs Photo Pricing

You can order BJs Photo prints in a wide variety of sizes. The site offers standard rectangular sizes—including 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 8×12, and 11×14. Looking for a large print? You can choose from 16×20 or 20×30 sizes. At BJs Photo, you can also buy square 4×4, 5×5, 8×8, 10×10 or 12×12 prints.

Prices for classic 4×6 prints start at just $.012 each. You can buy a 5×7 for $1.00 or opt for an 8×10 at $3.99. An 8×12 is $4.49, and an 11×14 is $7.99. Pick a 16×20 for $17.99 or a 20×30 for $22.99.

What about BJs Photo print cost for square pictures? Prices range from $0.19 each for 4×4 prints to $8.99 for 12×12 items.

To save money on your BJs Photo order, you should scan the website for the latest deals. You may find coupon codes right on the home page or on a banner featured at the top of the site. Be sure to add your BJs Photo promo code during checkout to earn your savings!

BJs Photo Services: High Quality, Great Prices

BJs warehouse may be your go-to-source for fresh food, restaurant meals, tasty cakes, tires, home appliances from top brands, and more at wholesale prices. You should also know that BJs members can enjoy discounts on photo processing and products. You don’t even need to go into a BJs club location to place your order. You can place your order with BJs Photo lab online and have your prints and products delivered right to your doorstep.

Whether your seeking standard or custom photo prints, such as collages, bordered photos, or framed prints, BJs can deliver. The photo prints are high quality, and the club is a top source for gifts, wall art, holiday cards, photo books, and more. While BJs prices are always competitive, you can often find coupons or special offer promo codes to help you save even more. BJs also lets you store your photos in your private online account for free, as long as you log in once every six months.

If you’ve ever contemplated signing up for a membership warehouse, you should take a close look at BJs. You can buy everything for your home—from food to furnishings—and personalize your space with prints from BJ Photo. Plus, if you’re an avid photographer, the amount you’ll save on photo services will quickly offset your membership costs. And you’ll soon see why BJs Photo has made the list of best photo printing websites.