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Deadline: Mar 31, 2017
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: € 30,00 euro



The wonderful view of the natural ecosystems of the entire planet condensed in the best pictures of professional photographers and advanced photo amateurs.

The Boreal Forests of the planet are located in the northern hemisphere and form a wide band encircling the northern areas of the American, Europe and Asia continents. This is therefore a “cold forest”, formed mostly, but not exclusively, by conifers and as such can withstand the rigors of the sub-arctic continental climate. In its northern border the Boreal Forest comes until the beginning of the Tundra, in which disperses. While its southern border is the presence of mainland Steppe (Asia) or temperate forest (North America and Europe).

Apparently homogeneous habitats it actually includes different situations, to be a giant mosaic with vast meadows with tall grass and marshy areas, river and lake inserted in the vast forest environment. Sometimes monotonous as the vast surfaces (Siberian taiga), sometimes with interesting flora and fauna situations.

The Boreal Forest extends from the northern coasts of Asia Pacific to the northern coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, where it arrived to cover much of the Scandinavian Peninsula. In the Americas, it is covering much of the Canadian and Alaskan territory, reaching US territory in the Great Lakes and along the ridge of the Rocky Mountains. In Central Asia the taiga beyond the northern borders of Mongolia. The southernmost boreal forest covers the coasts of Russian Primorjie, home of the last Siberian tigers and the northern islands of Japan.


Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: The competition will award three prizes for the three images of any kind that the jury considered the most outstanding for beauty and naturalistic content between the 80 final images. First prize The total value of the first prize is € 4,000: € 2,000 cash - € 2,000 of photo equipment Second prize The total value of the second prize is € 2,000: € 10,00 cash - € 1,000of photo equipment Third prize: The total value of the third prize is € 1,000: € 5,00 cash - € 500 of photo equipment 3 prizes more of value € 300 for the winners of the others categories Finalists: Photographic book and DVD To finalists present at the awards ceremony will also be offered the kit Green Clean Sensor Cleaner Wet & Dry for FX format - SC-4060-3. Semifinalists: Free DVD The awards include the travel expenses for attending the awards ceremony. If the winners are unable to attend the awards ceremony, the award price will be reduced by € 500 For the finalists the accommodation in a B&B at Photofestival (for the night between the 23th and 24th of September 2017) is free upon reservation. See Photofestival section for stays convention. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: 6 - Rights. All the rights of the photos must be of author’s property, without bond of agency or publisher. USAGE RIGHTS: 7 - Place of publication.
The organizers reserves the right to publish the winning and commended images in its magazine, in the photographic book, on the web site, or in possible promotional folders and calendars or to display them in photographic exposition, concerning the competition and, if the organizers deem it necessary, mentioning the author’s name of the images.

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