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The Best Podcasts for Photographers

May 29, 2017

Podcasts are a great way to listen to intriguing and educational topics on-the-go, so their rise in popularity comes as no surprise.

While there are literally millions of podcasts exploring every subject you could think of, we thought we’d focus on those aimed at a career which is very close to our hearts.

So if photography is your game, then you’re in luck, because today we’re rounding-up the best podcasts for photographers. Let’s get started!

The Beginner Photography Podcast

We’re starting right at the beginning, with a podcast aimed at those who are fairly new to the genre of photography. The Beginner Photography Podcast is run by Raymond Hatfield, an Indianapolis-based wedding photographer who has over 10 years of photography and cinematography experience in the industry. The target audience of his podcast can be explained as “new photographers who are ready to take their cameras out of auto and want to know the next steps to take to grow their skills so they can start taking better photos today.”

The Beginner Photography Podcast achieves this by interviewing the world’s best photographers who share their practical and actionable tips through their experience and stories of their time in the industry. Beginner photographers are then able to put this advice into action, helping them to come leaps and bounds ahead in this competitive industry.

Best Podcasts for Photographers

The Business of Photography Podcast

With over 280 episodes and counting, this podcast is certainly a breath of fresh air for photographers struggling with the industry’s most common dilemma. Many photographers complain that they have the creative side of photography under control, but when it comes to the business side (including tasks such as marketing, finances, branding, and more), this is where they struggle.

Thankfully, this is where Sprouting Photographer’s ‘The Business of Photography’ Podcast comes in handy. The explain: “[Our] podcast is a weekly podcast where we interview industry experts and business specialists who share high-value, no-fluff, concrete business ideas for professional photographers.”

With episodes focusing on having an authentic voice, honing your marketing message, and why blogging is important, you’re sure to gain a wealth of knowledge from the ultra-professional photographers interviewed.

The Photo Xperiment Podcast

Have you ever wondered what equipment your favorite photographers use or where they get their ideas from? Thankfully, The Photo Xperiment Podcast by Andrew Hellmich focuses on these very things, plus loads more.

It’s an interview-based podcast where professional photographers delve into their work philosophy, what makes them tick, how they achieved their style, what techniques they prefer, and how they got to where they are today.

This is a relatively new addition to the existing photography podcast, Photo Biz Xposed, but there are already 18 episodes and counting. Interviewees so far include talents such as Paul and Kate Atkins, Ian Weldon, Paul Rogers, and CJ Chilvers (just to name a few!).

Best Podcasts for Photographers

The PetaPixel Podcast

PetaPixel is one of the leading online platforms for photographers looking for news relating to their industry, so it only makes sense that the podcast from the same company is on this list!

Also run by Founder Mike ‘Sharky’ James, The PetaPixel Podcast can be described as “a twice-weekly podcast about the wonderful world of photography. It’s a fusion of news, opinions, humor, and real-world experience, bundled into a show that you can listen to on your way to work.”

Mike centers his podcasts on the latest and greatest topics trending in the photography world, so you can expect episodes focused on everything from Canon’s thoughts on mirrorless to new gear announcements, shooting for free, how not to get bullied by an image thief, and just about everything else in-between!

This History of Photography Podcast

If you want to learn a ton of interesting, relevant, and education information about the history of photography, then this is the podcast for you. This podcast is run by Photographer Jeff Curto, an Apple Distinguished Educator who also teaches his own photography workshops in Italy.

Regular listeners often exclaim that they’re surprised this level of educational information is available to them for free, so it’s certainly one to take advantage of if you love learning about history. Topics covered include everything from the cyanotype and the Kodak Brownie, to the atomic age, the manipulative impulse, and so much more.

In his own words, Curto explains how his popular podcast first began: “Originally, the History of Photography podcast was is recorded during my History of Photography course lectures. Originally intended for students in the class, thousands of people around the world have found the podcasts useful to their education as photographers.  Once I stopped teaching the class, I started creating shorter podcasts about the history of the medium. The History of Photography Class Sessions live on…”

Best Podcasts for Photographers

There you have it – our pick of the best podcasts for photographers! We hope you find these podcasts to contain a wealth of valuable information about the photography industry and how you can excel as a photographer.

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