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The Best Photography Hashtags to Get Your Work Noticed

October 9, 2018

When it comes to posting your photography on social media platforms, especially Instagram, you want to reach as many people as you can. You want likes, followers, and a growing audience that appreciates your work. The best way to build an audience on Instagram is by using relevant hashtags. Here is a list of hashtags for photographers who wish to be successful on Instagram.h

Top 12 Photography Hashtags for Instagram


  1. #photography
  2. #photo
  3. #pics
  4. #pictures
  5. #capture
  6. #photogram
  7. #photographer
  8. #picoftheday
  9. #photooftheday
  10. #instalove
  11. #instagood
  12. #camera

These popular Instagram hashtags will let other people know what kind of posts you are making. People who follow these common hashtags will see your photos! These hashtags should be included when you post your photographs in order to reach the broadest audience. When used correctly, these Instagram hashtags are sure to help you get more views and followers.

There are so many popular Instagram hashtags for photography, sometimes it can be hard to choose the right ones. Using the correct photography hashtag can be critical to your success on Instagram. It can also help boost your career if you decide to pursue freelance work or even publish a book on photography someday.

Niche Instagram Hashtags

Niche Instagram hashtags are helpful if you are trying to target a specific audience. For example, you might specialize in street photography and wedding photography. In this case, it’s important to choose either street photography hashtags or wedding photography hashtags, depending on your intended audience. Niche Instagram hashtags will help you reach the people who are most interested in seeing your photography.

Although you might not reach as large of an audience as when you use general hashtags, these niche hashtags are more likely to provide you with the most user engagement.

  1. #streetphotography
  2. #weddingphotography
  3. #engagementphotography
  4. #Travelgram
  5. #panorama
  6. #macro
  7. #travelphotography
  8. #blackandwhitephotography
  9. #vintagephotography


Landscape Photography Hashtags and Nature Photography Hashtags

Landscape and nature are amazing subjects when it comes to photography, and they should be showcased using the best hashtags. Building a large Instagram following of your travel and landscape photography can really help you boost your photography career. There are a great many landscape and nature hashtags that are sure to increase engagement and grow your number of followers.

Here are the best nature and landscape photography hashtags:

  1. #nature
  2. #animals
  3. #discoverearth
  4. animalsofinstagram
  5. #naturephoto
  6. #wildlifephoto
  7. #birdphotography
  8. #natureisbeautiful
  9. #landscapephotography
  10. #travelphotos
  11. #amazingplaces
  12. #nationalgeographic
  13. #sunsetphotography
  14. #mountainphotography


Portrait Photography Hashtags

Portrait photography hashtags are important if you are promoting your portraits on Instagram. Those who take portraits on a regular basis might even use their own business name or city as a hashtag, which can help others who are browsing local photographers to discover your work.

Here are the top portrait photography hashtags for Instagram:

  1. #portrait
  2. #portraitphotography
  3. #selfportrait
  4. #selfie
  5. #closeup
  6. #model
  7. #makeportraits
  8. #portraitoftheday
  9. #ig_portrait
  10. #fashionphotography
  11. #fashionshoot
  12. #fashiontrends

Wedding and Engagement Photography Hashtags

Wedding and engagement photos are special photos that evoke emotion and will forever remind the subjects of their happiest days. Many look to wedding photographs on Instagram to try and gain some ideas for their own shoot, while others want to share their special photos with friends and family.

Here are the best wedding and engagement photography hashtags that will boost the number of your followers on Instagram:

  1. #weddingphotography
  2. #engagementphotos
  3. #beachwedding
  4. #springwedding
  5. #weddingideas
  6. #destinationweddingphotography
  7. #weddingphotographer
  8. #engagementpics

When it comes to Instagram photography hashtags, you should choose a mix of general and specific hashtags to maximize your reach. When you choose a few (or many!) that correspond to your photographs, rest assured that others who are browsing those particular hashtags will see it on their Instagram feed. Trending hashtags are always important to keep in mind as well, as they are the most viewed Instagram hashtags and are sure to increase your visibility and reach. You can find places to sell your work once you have enough Instagram followers, and start earning money as a freelancer.

Instagram Photography Hashtags Best Practices

When it comes to using Instagram photography hashtags, you might be wondering where to start, especially if you haven’t used them before. Instagram hashtags do not have to be daunting. In fact, Instagram hashtags can make your photography postings even more fun by giving you a chance to personalize your photographs and reach an audience that shares your passion. There are a few tricks and tips to keep in mind. These best practices can really help you make the most of using hashtags on your Instagram posts.

When you implement a hashtag strategy on Instagram, you are marking your posts in a way that allows others to search for that information or follow along on their Instagram hashtag feed. Utilizing hashtags on Instagram is a wonderful way to help others find your snapshots, categorize them, and reach a specific audience of viewers. Using them correctly is key to your Instagram success. The hashtags you choose are very important because you want to reach the audience that is most likely to interact with your posts. If you are a portrait photographer posting your photos on Instagram, you wouldn’t want to use travel hashtags or landscape photography hashtags. Always keep your audience in mind when deciding on which hashtags to use.

While it’s important to target your audience, you also want to broadly reach as many interested people as you can. When you post your photos and choose hashtags for the Instagram captions, try to use hashtags that you feel will be all-inclusive. If you are taking beach wedding photographs, but the photo is in black and white, feel free to include #blackandwhite and #beach with your wedding hashtags. If you are shooting a landscape and an animal wanders into view, use a hashtag for #wildlife along with your other landscape photography hashtags. Sometimes choosing tags requires creativity and ingenuity in order to reach as many appreciative Instagram users as possible

Proper Hashtag Formatting

When you create a hashtag, the format is basic and simple. A hashtag on Instagram is a simple # sign followed by a word or set of words without spaces. For example, #naturephotography is a great way to add a hashtag to your post that will indicate that you are posting about nature photography.

Some social media hashtags are formatted a bit differently, with an underscore between words within the tag. For example, #naturephotography could also be formatted as #nature_photography. If you want to add a space between words, you can do so with an underscore. Using an actual space between words will break the hashtag. Keep in mind that your goal is to reach a large audience, so when you’re deciding between #naturephotography and #nature_photography, choose whichever hashtag is most active.

It is important to remember that when posting Instagram hashtags, you must use the correct format in order for them to work. If you format them incorrectly or try to add spaces between words, the hashtag will become broken.

Where to Use Instagram Hashtags

We’ve talked about choosing hashtags and how to format them, but there’s another piece to this puzzle. When it comes to actually using your hashtags, you need to decide whether you should put them in the photo caption or in the comments section.

Instagram allows 30 hashtags in the photo caption per post. Putting your Instagram hashtag in the comment section is ideal if you have already gone over this limit and wish to a few more. The comment section also has a limit of 30 hashtags, give you a maximum of 60 possible hashtags per post!

The comment section is also a great place to add hashtags if you are commenting on someone else’s post or if you are simply trying to engage your audience by boosting an existing post. When you use a generic or extremely popular hashtag for your pictures, be aware that your post may be quickly buried among others who are using the same hashtag. In this case, using hashtags in the comments section might not be ideal.

It’s a good idea to start by using hashtags in your photo caption. However, if you want to keep your image and caption clean and neat, then posting the hashtags in the comments section is a good way to go. Keep in mind that using hashtags in the comments tends to work better for Instagram influencers who have already established their brand or following.

Where to Find Instagram Hashtags

Finding hashtags can be a breeze – a simple hashtag search for “trending Instagram hashtags” or “popular photography hashtags for Instagram” are great ways to find ones that might be helpful for getting your photographs views. You can also go on Instagram and search for general topics, such as #photography, and see what tags others are using that might be relevant to your own images. You can even come up with your own creative Instagram hashtags– choose something personal to you that can really help you set your brand apart from others.

You can also find Instagram hashtags by paying attention to posts that “go viral.” When you notice these incredibly popular posts, you can spot the hashtags being used, and incorporate them into your own photo captions (providing they are relevant). This is a great way to take advantage of what’s trending so your photo reaches more people.

Knowing where to find the best Instagram hashtags is important for showing your photographs to the proper audiences, but it is even more important if you are trying to create a brand for yourself. Potential clients will be looking to see what hashtags you use on your posts, and whether or not they feel that your knowledge of hashtags on social media is on par with your competition.

When it comes to using social media, especially Instagram, it is important to use hashtags to get your work noticed. Many famous photographers and well known Instagram photographers shot (no pun intended) to fame simply using the right hashtags.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your photographs, whether they be wedding and engagement photos, landscape and travel photos, or portraits. There are many different categories of photographs, so be creative when determining which categories your photo belongs.

Once you have a basic knowledge of hashtags and various categories, start paying attention to the hashtags used by other photographers. Do further research and make note of the hashtags they use to get so many likes and follows. Look for trending hashtags by searching for posts that are relevant to the types of photographs you post on Instagram. The last step is deciding where you want to place your hashtags. Determine whether they belong in the caption or the comments, and remember to use proper formatting guidelines.

As a photographer, you need your work to be noticed. The best way to do this is to publish your work on Instagram and use photography hashtags to build an audience. If you use hashtags correctly, you’ll be on your way to creating popular posts with plenty of likes and follows in no time!

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