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A Round-Up of the Best Photography Challenges to Keep You Motivated

January 16, 2017

Creativity can be very unpredictable. One day you have it in spades, while others you simply can’t seem to get those creative juices flowing – no matter how hard you try.

Thankfully, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are some ways you can quickly and easily boost your creativity as a photographer, with one of these methods being photography challenges. There are plenty of generous individuals out there offering their very own photo prompts to get you started too.

Today we’re going to round-up the best of the best photography challenges, so next time your creative inspiration seems to disappear, you’ll have it back again in no time!

Expert Photography’s 30-Day Challenge

While some photography challenges only provide photographers with a prompt each day, Expert Photography has gone several steps further. When you click on each of the 30-day challenges, you are able to access a lengthy article discussing that day’s topic, along with advice on how you can best achieve capturing that subject.

There is also a Facebook group that photographers can join where they share the results from their 30-day challenge, allowing other photographers to critique and compliment their photos. That’s a great way to keep you motivated and educated whilst working your way through the 30-day series!

Digital Photography School’s Weekly Photography Challenge

You’ve probably heard of the popular website Digital Photography School by now, but did you know the platform also releases weekly photography challenges (and has been doing so for quite some time)?

It’s never too late to begin, so be sure to head over to the website and give each weekly challenge a read. When you click on each prompt, you can also gain access to a list of additional resources about that topic that help you to master the challenge. There are literally hundreds of prompts here for you to complete, so you’re sure to be entertained for years on end if you choose to finish all of them!

52 Frames’ Free Photo Challenge Community

52 Frames is a website that takes photography challenges to a whole new level. It’s actually an online community and platform that’s free to join, which gives you access to a photography challenge – every week. You then have 7 days to take your shot and share it with the community before they give you feedback and guidance to help you grow as a photographer. The platform prides itself on what they call the ‘three C’s’: consistency, community, and creativity. Because we all know that if you want to become a brilliant photographer, you need to embrace all of these things.

52 Frames also has some great social media platforms which aim to further inspire and motivate photographers. It can be difficult to continue a weekly photo challenge once you start one, but 52 Frames makes sure that no photographer feels alone.

Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-a-Day

Fat Mum Slim has been blogging for quite a while now, but it’s her weekly photo challenges that really began to take the photography world by storm. Not only are they extremely creative, but the beautiful way in which she designs these challenges meant that photographers actually wanted to print them out and display them somewhere, further assisting them to remain motivated and inspired.

The photo challenges became so popular (23 million contributions and counting), in fact, that Fat Mum Slim also released her very own app called Little Moments, that acts as both a platform to host her photo challenges (so photographers can now access them on-the-go), as well as a fun photo editor. What a fantastic idea!

Our Own Photo Prompts

That’s right! We’ve also released our own 30-day photography challenge, providing our readers with a month’s worth of prompts to further boost their creativity. Practice really does make perfect, so we encourage you to set aside even just twenty minutes each day to work through these simple, yet effective, prompts. In the space of just one month, you’ll already notice how far your own photography skills have grown, simply from taking the time to conceptualise, shoot, and edit (if necessary) a photo each day. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us!

There you have it – our round-up of the best photography challenges to keep you motivated! As 2017 draws to a close and the new year quickly approaches, now would be the perfect time to give a photography challenge some thought. Perhaps you could make it your New Year’s resolution to partake in a weekly or daily photo challenge? You certainly won’t regret it!

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