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Top 5 Best Digital Photo Frames

October 1, 2019

If you love photography, you probably also love surrounding yourself with your favorite photos. A digital photo frame provides an easy way to showcase all your favorite images with minimal effort. Read on to learn all about why you should own a digital photo frame and top features to consider. If you’re shopping for a digital photo frame, be sure to consider the best digital photo frames in the marketplace today:

 5 Best Digital Photo Frames

  1. Aluratek 17.3-Inch Digital Photo Frame
  2. NixPlay Seed 10-Inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame
  3. Nix Advance 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame
  4. Pix-Star 10.4-Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame
  5. Tenker 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame


Digital photo frame products aren’t new, but they have advanced significantly in recent years. Although they don’t get much attention in the photography community, modern digital photo frames are practical and valuable.

Some people remember the first digital photo frame products that were available in the mid-2000s. And those memories may not be fond ones. Those first products were cumbersome and often produced blurry images. To make matters worse, the first digital photo frame options were hard to use. Uploading and sequencing photos required navigating through several menus and buttons.

Why Should I Buy a Digital Photo Frame?

Technology has come a long way since the early days of digital picture frames. Today’s models are attractive and sleek. Many digital frames now feature built-in WiFi so you can link to photos stored in your cloud accounts or on social media. They feature bright, clear displays that make your images look their best, and some frames even display videos in addition to your favorite photos. And thankfully, the price point for a quality digital frame is lower than you might expect.

Yes, you can use your TV, tablet, or another type of smart device to display photos. But these multi-function devices aren’t optimized for photographic display. You’ll experience higher image quality with a single-purpose digital photo frame. After all, a digital frame focuses on doing one thing—and doing it exceptionally well. This is why a digital photo frame is a must-have for photography lovers everywhere.

Digital Photo Frame Features to Consider

As with any product, you’ll find a wide range of digital photo frame sizes, styles, and price points. Before you make a purchase, you should familiarize yourself with these essential digital photo frame features:

Resolution: The screen resolution is expressed by the number of pixels, horizontally by vertically. Be sure to pick a digital photo frame with a resolution of at least 800×600 or 800×400.

Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio is the proportion of the height and width of an image. A typical digital photo frame will use a 3:2 or 4:3 aspect ratio. Images that have the same aspect ratio as the frame will fill the whole screen.

Size: Common digital picture frame screen sizes are 3×5 and 10×12. Like TVs, digital frame sizes are measured diagonally. You may find options for a 7-inch or 9-inch digital photo frame at many popular retailers. However, you can seek out a large digital photo frame of 20-inches—or possibly more.

Internal Memory: Some of the best digital photo frame options have built-in memory cards that allow you to store images right on the device. Look for frames with 512 MB of internal storage at a minimum.

Memory Cards: If you max out internal storage, some frames allow you to add additional memory—and more pictures. External storage options include memory cards, memory sticks, or flash drives. If you use memory cards, make sure that they fit in the card slot on your picture frame.

Connectivity: Today’s digital photo frame products often offer you the option to connect to the Internet. They may allow you to connect to WiFi or through USB or Bluetooth. With this feature, you can import photos from a computer or photo-sharing website to your digital photo frame. You may also be able to upload photos from the frame to share online or on social media.

Top 5 Best Digital Photo Frames

Now that you know about popular digital photo frame features, you can learn about a few of the top-rated models available. Our top 5 list includes a larger-sized digital photo frame, a budget-friendly choice, and other choices that consistently earn rave reviews from happy photo lovers. A digital photo frame lets you view your best pictures every day. And that can be a great source of photography inspiration for new creative projects.

1. Aluratek 17.3-Inch Digital Photo Frame

The Aluratek 17.3-Inch digital photo frame features a touch screen that makes viewing and sharing photos a breeze. It’s easy to tap your way through the frame’s intuitive menus and organize your photos. And you won’t need to install any other software. You can also enjoy music, slideshows thanks to the frame’s built-in stereo speakers.

Plus, Aluratek offers a convenient cloud app that lets you share photos via Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and email. Download images from social media right to your Aluratek 17.3-inch frame and start viewing them right away.

Also, the 17.3-inch frame from Aluratek offers an IPS display with a wide viewing angle, built-in memory, along with SD card reader and USB support. This Aluratek digital photo frame is mountable on any wall—a feature that makes it ideal for both home and business use. You can show off your best examples of photography composition—or use your frame as digital signage for a business. The versatility of the Aluratek 17.3-Inch digital photo frame makes it an excellent choice.

2. NixPlay Seed 10-Inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame

The popular NixPlay Seed 10-Inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame has a built-in motion sensor. That means that you never have to worry about turning the frame on or off. Instead, it will automatically start photo display as soon as it senses nearby motion—and turn off when no one is around.

In addition to its high-value sensor, the NixPlay Seed 10-Inch digital picture frame offers many other quality features. It has a flexible power cord that does double duty as a stand—a feature that makes this frame both practical and attractive. Also, the Seed 10-Inch frame features a bright screen with high-resolution so that all your photos look their best.

You can access the frame from anywhere with the NixPlay web or mobile app that is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Built-in WiFi lets you access photos from social media, Dropbox, and photo sharing sites, such as Flickr and Google photos. The frame’s built-in 8 GB memory lets you store up to 20,000 photos, plus you can access 10GB of free cloud storage through your NixPlay account.

3. Nix Advance 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame

The Nix Advance 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame features a 16:10 aspect ratio and widescreen format that lets you enjoy photos and videos on one device. Thanks to the frame’s crisp, high-resolution display, you can enjoy clear, beautiful images. Built-in speakers let you listen to audio to enhance your viewing experience. Also, this frame features easy set up via a USB flash drive or SD card, but it does not support a Wi-Fi network.

Another excellent benefit of the Nix Advance 10-Inch digital photo frame is its built-in motion sensor. Never worry about turning on or turning off your digital photo frame again. One look at this Nix digital photo frame and you’ll see why Nix has earned stature as the most trusted brand of Non-WiFi photo frames. You will also benefit from a 1-year warranty with your purchase which covers parts and labor.

4. Pix-Star 10.4 Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

One of the most popular digital photo frame products, the Pix-Star 10.4-Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame is extremely easy to use. The frame has its own email, so you can send and receive photos directly from the frame without a computer. Plus, you can use the provided remote control to configure the frame’s Wi-Fi network in minutes. Once it’s set up, you can enjoy gorgeous 800×600 images on a bright 10.4-inch LCD screen.

Because this frame is so intuitive, it is a good choice for anyone who is not comfortable with technology. After configuration, the frame can automatically accept new photos, rotate them, and optimize them in to suit the displays’ 4:3 aspect ratio. You also receive a free cloud storage account for remote connectivity to your photos from anywhere. It’s effortless to add photos from popular sites such as Flickr, Shutterfly, SmugMug, Photobucket, and others.

5. Tenker Seven-Inch Digital Photo Frame

If you’re looking for a quality digital photo frame without breaking the bank, check out the Tenker Seven-Inch Digital Photo Frame. Featuring an effortless plug-and-play set-up, the Tenker Seven-Inch frame is a perfect choice for budget-conscious shoppers. You can add photos via an SD card slot or USB for instant display.

You can view your photos in a high resolution, thanks to the screen’s impressive 1024×600 resolution. This frame allows you to view photos edited in A Color Story or other app in their full-color glory. As an added bonus, you can enjoy audio and video content too. The simple, efficient Tenker Seven-Inch photo frame provides a quality photo viewing experience at a fraction of the cost of other digital photo frame competitors.

A Digital Photo Frame Offers You Hours of Photo Viewing

A digital photo frame is a must-have accessory for every photo lover. Instead of making the commitment to print and enlarge a small segment of your photo collection, enjoy every favorite snapshot on a digital photo frame. With all the digital photo frame options available in the marketplace today, you’re certain to find one that fits your needs and budget.

Some contemporary photo frames require you to upload photos via an external device, such as an SD card or flash drive. However, many advanced models let you connect to Wi-Fi so that you can instantly add photos from various sources, including social media. No matter what approach you choose, modern digital technology makes it easy to upload and organize your photos for optimal viewing.

When shopping for a digital photo frame, you’ll need to decide which features are important to you. Do you want a large digital photo frame to serve as a permanent display on one of your walls? Are you interested in high-resolution images with intense details and intense colors to highlight your best entries from photo contests? You can also consider factors like the style of the frame itself and how well it complements your interior décor. Once you start researching digital photo frame products, you may want one in every room.

Digital photo frames make great gifts too. And with today’s cloud features, you can handle all the photo organization for far-away relatives. Many frames feature plug-and-play functionality and streamlined navigation so that someone who isn’t tech-savvy can enjoy them.

Today, many people have thousands of smartphone photos stashed on their mobile devices. And it’s likely photographers have more housed in their camera or on their laptops. Why not get those photos out into view where they belong? A digital photo frame can help you make this happen.

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