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Deadline: Sep 30, 2023
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: Rs. 80 / 1 USD each image

AGM International Photo Contest 2023

AGM International Photo Contest 2023

Welcome to the prestigious AGM International Photo Contest! This highly anticipated event celebrates the art of photography and invites talented individuals from around the globe to showcase their skills and creative vision. We are thrilled to provide a platform for photographers of all levels to participate and compete in this remarkable competition.

The contest is divided into several captivating sections, each focusing on a specific genre or theme. Here are the details of each section:
a. Colour: This section focuses on vibrant and visually appealing images that showcase the creative use of color.
b. Monochrome: This section is dedicated to black and white images that emphasize contrast, tones, and textures.
c. Nature: In this section, participants can submit images that capture the beauty and diversity of the natural world, including landscapes, wildlife, plants, and more.
d. Travel: The travel section invites images that portray the essence and cultural experiences of different locations around the globe.
e. Street: This section highlights the art of capturing candid moments in public spaces, reflecting the everyday life and unique narratives of the streets.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: First Prize: ₹3,000 + Certificate X 5 Categories
Second Prize: ₹2,000 + Certificate X 5 Categories
Third Prize: ₹1,000 + Certificate X 5 Categories
Consolation Prizes (5): ₹500 each + Certificate X 5 Categories
Grand Prize (for the Best Performer of the Contest): ₹7,500 + Special Trophy + Certificate
Instant E-Certificate for All Participants. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: All images submitted to AGM Exhibition must be the original work of the author. Any form of plagiarism or copyright infringement is strictly prohibited. Participants must have full ownership and rights to the images they submit. USAGE RIGHTS: AGM Exhibition may use the submitted images, including the winning entries, for promotional purposes related to the contest, such as press releases, advertisements, and online showcases. Proper credits will be given to the participants whenever their images are used.

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