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Fiona Gifford
A quick note to thank you for featuring the Renaissance Photography competition on your site. This competition raises money for breast cancer and thanks to your site (where 36% of our hits came from)we had 3,700 entries from 78 countries and raised £22,000 for breast cancer. Thanks for your support and for a great site.
Fiona Gifford,
Victoria Hardy-Werbin is our top referrer, delivering almost double the traffic of our 2nd largest referrer. The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards has been working with PCN since our inception around 18 months ago. We have also worked with a number of other websites, but we have found the acquisition costs through PCN for an entrant to be around 70% lower than our 2nd largest referrer. The success we have achieved with The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards would have been almost impossible without our partnership with, not to mention the personal and expert advertising advice we receive from them.
Victoria Hardy-Werbin, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards
John Waller
I have been organizing Photo of the Year for the past nine years and in that time we have explored a wide array of strategies for generating traffic to our website and exposure for our photography contest. Posting our contest on has proven to be one of the most effective tools we have ever used and referrals from their site account for nearly a quarter of all traffic to our site. Thank you for your valuable role in boosting exposure for our contest!
John Waller, Photo of the Year
Marc Burlace
This is the first year that The Shutterbug Award has opened an international category. The results from using have been outstanding. Your site is at the top of our Traffic Sources at 22% of all visits. Sending through Analytic reports to our sponsors is a joy. They can see that their sponsorship of our event is getting the attention they deserve for backing us. Thank you.
Marc Burlace, Shutterbug
I like the regular updates for new competitions and competitions that are about to close, with busy schedules it’s good to get reminded in case you want to enter :)
I like this organization. I find out about contests I have would never had learned about otherwise.
Sue Jarrett
I love being on an updated email list, with links built in that take me directly to the sites of photo contests that I am interested in.
Rowan Nyman
I have had nothing but good things come from the Photo Contest Insider. The amount of emails are not excessive and I actually check them. I’ve entered many contests through this network and have had many good experiences.
Audra Osborne
I think PCI is great. Almost all the contests I enter come from this service. Keep it up!
Scott Teichman
You are the best site about contests! Nothing else to say!
I love the emails that alert me of new and upcoming contests!
I really like your website, it really helps, thanks for making this site and your best part is that your website is for everyone and its 100% FREE thank you soo much
I love PCI. I appreciate the time and effort put in by the folks at PCI to keep us updated as to the various competitions. Thanks for being there for us.
Brian Carson
I love that i can find contests easily. that makes it easier on me to just take my pictures then enter them.
Morgan Dale
This site is a real help to me! Frustrated because I couldn’t find photo contests for my age (17), this site has helped me to find contests open to me. Everything is organized well and site navigation is wonderful. This amature photo grapher has been encouraged. :) With thanks,
Olivia Carbone
Just a quick note to express my gratitude for this wonderful site. It’s so well researched and very up to date, and I appreciate the time you spend compiling these competitions together for the site. Great work and thanks!
David Lazar
In 2010 I entered 23 contests from your site. I won or placed in 6.
Konstantin Golovchinsky, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the regular email I receive from you giving information about online photographic competitions. If I had not received it I would not have known about The farmers Weekly 2011 competition. As a result I entered and won £100 for winning the ‘Arable’ category with my shot of a tractor. here is the link: Then to top it all I won the overall competition and the prize was a £700 Nikon D90! So thank you VERY much!
Jean, Jean