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Credit: Untilted by Naim Naim via Flickr

9 Websites Fashion Photographers Will Love

January 26, 2016


Clothes don’t sell themselves—photographs do. In the world of fashion, the photograph is the medium through which consumers can mostly accurately picture themselves wearing a clothing article or accessory. The fashion photograph says to the consumer, “This is what you’d look like in this outfit—cool, beautiful, edgy.”

As for photographers, the fashion industry is a place where the photographer is free to let go of rules and focus on visual intrigue. Vibrant makeup, impractical hairstyles, boots that are ten feet tall, men wearing warpaint while riding on elephants—anything is acceptable for a fashion editorial.

Below we’ve put together a list of fashion photography websites that will both educate you and indulge your senses.

1. Lara Jade Workshops


Lara Jade 1

Lara Jade is a master of fashion photography. She began shooting self-portraits as a teenager, which allowed her to hone her skills and develop a unique style. Since then, her photography skills have been recognized by high-profile clients, resulting in an extremely impressive career in fashion photography.

Lara Jade 2

Jade hosts a number of workshops every year around the world. She picks fun, whimsical shooting locations that she calls her “playgrounds.” If you attend one of her workshops, you can expect to work with professional models, wardrobe stylists, hair and makeup artists, and industry leaders. The workshops have an intimate number of attendees so that you will receive personal attention and mentorship while you work.

Even if you can’t make it to one of Jade’s workshops, you can check out her gallery section to view some lovely behind-the-scenes photographs from past events.

2. New York Fashion Photography Collective



The New York Fashion Photography Collective contains professional fashion photographers who work together to deliver high-quality photographs. If you’re living in New York and you are looking for fashion photography contacts, the members page is a great starting point. You can always browse the members’ galleries for some inspiration in your free time as well.

3. Super Collective

Super Collective 1


Well-travelled siblings Nina-Oana Constantinescu and Niculai Constantinescu have come together to form the Super Collective —an “incubator for creative solutions, specialized in developing brand identities, photography productions, meaningful concepts & tailored design” in Amsterdam and Hamburg.

Super Collective 2

On their website, you will find books, magazines, lookbooks, print products, fashion photography editorials, and opportunities for creative consultancy. You can browse through the ample material provided on their website, or you can contact them directly for collaboration requests or advice.

4. Collective Hub

Collective Hub

If you’re looking for support from other creative professionals, you’ll find it here. The Collective Hub is a monthly, 176-page lifestyle magazine. It’s full of articles and editorials written by entrepreneurial and creative minds from all over the world that can help you bring out your creativity and set yourself apart from other fashion photographers in the field. In this magazine, you’ll find beautiful fashion editorials to look through as well as articles about lifestyle, branding, beauty, and clothing. Perhaps you can even submit an article or fashion editorial of your own!

5. Fashion Served

Fashion Served 1

Looking for opportunities to get hired or showcase your work? Fashion Served is a fabulous tool for this. It works by pulling the best creatives and fashion photographers from Behance and showcasing their work to potential employers. It also provides a job board that you can browse through if you’re looking for freelance opportunities.

Fashion Served 2

To fully utilize Fashion Served, you must create—or already have—an account on Behance, which is a very popular creative portfolio website. Even if you’re just looking to scroll through some beautiful fashion editorials, Fashion Served has a great gallery section to serve this purpose.

6. Fashionista

Fashionista 1

Fashionista is a “trusted source of fashion news, criticism and career advice,” as well as an “agenda-setter for the industry as well as influential fashion-focused consumers.” Fashionista provides a plethora of resources for those working in the fashion industry—photographers included.

Fashionista 2

Perhaps most valuable is Fashionista’s job board, which lists awesome opportunities for fashion writers, marketing professionals, designers, showroom & production interns, photographers, artists, and more.

7. Fashiontography

Scrolling through the Fashiontography blog as a fashion photographer is the equivalent of walking into a candy store as a child. This regularly-updated blog contains absolutely stunning photographs and editorial spreads that you can browse through, and it always includes information about the models, photographers, stylists, and publications—that way, if you find something you like, you can access more work by that particular artist.

8. Joyeuse Photography

Joyeuse Photography


The Joyeuse Photography blog is run by Tahni Candelaria, a photographer whose individual sense of style is set apart from high-profile, commercial fashion photography. Candelaria’s photographs are soft, quirky, and elegant.


Joyeuse Photography 2

The posts from her editorial and fashion section are an absolutely joy to scroll through, as they contain beautiful photographs as well as personal essays about her experiences throughout each shoot.

9. The NW Collective

NW Collective 1

The NW Collective is a group of fashion and commercial photographers and videographers based in Bend, Oregon. If you’re looking for some photographers to collaborate with, you can contact them through this website.

NW Collective 2

The NW Collective also publishes a regularly-updated blog, which contains videos and photographs from recent projects, as well as a gallery section, which contains commercial and photography pieces. If you’re looking for eye candy or inspiration, you’ll find plenty here!

Featured Image: Untilted by Naim Naim via Flickr

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