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7 Interesting Websites on Fine Art Photography

December 10, 2015


Photography in its fine art form yields some of the most beautiful and creative imagery in existence. Unlike photojournalism or documentary photography, it is not always the intent of fine art photography to represent reality or record real life moments; rather, it attempts to bring to life a vision created by the photographer. Whether youre looking for inspiration, resources, or opportunities to showcase your work, these fine art photography websites will help you bring your own visions from your mind to creation.

1. Hungry Ghost Collective

The Hungry Ghost Collective describes itself as a group of 9 fine art photographers who are local to Chicago, Illinois. If youre into edgy, raw, or bizarre fine art photography, HGC is a great blog to follow. Youll see images that vary from corn hanging on a string or a potato cowboy sitting in a rocking chair to beautiful, black and white, snowy landscapes.

HGC always has something interesting to look at or think about, so we recommend adding it to your watchlist after giving it a good scroll-through.

2. Daylight
Daylight 1

Daylight is a great website to visit if youre looking for fine art photography books, or if you hope to publish a photography book of your own. As a non-profit organization, Daylights mission is to revitalize the relationship between art, photography, and the world-at-large. The best part about publishing at Daylight is that theres no publishing fee! Instead, the organization asks that you purchase a book from their store in order to support a fellow fine art photographer.

One of Daylights most interesting bestsellers is Photographs Not Taken: A Collection of Photographers Essays edited by Will Steacy, which is a collection of essays written by photographers who experienced important moments that, for whatever reason, never made it to print. Instead, they attempt to recreate these moments through prose instead of imagery.

Daylight 3

Another interesting Daylight bestseller is called Gays in the Military by Vincent Cianni. This book serves as a beautifully photographed historical record of what it was like to be gay while serving over the years.

For other great fine art literature, check out the rest of Daylights book collection! Dont forget to check out the section about submissions if youre interested in publishing your own Daylight book.

3. Broken Light Collective

If youre both interested in photography and affected by mental illness, Broken Light Collective is a great community to join. BLC focuses on creating a safe and accepting environment for photographers who suffer from any kind of mental illness. Even if you dont have a mental illness, having a close family member or friend who does qualifies you to become a contributor, as well as being employed in the mental health field.

Each submission is accompanied by a backstory about what the contributor has been through in terms of mental illness, as well as quotes from the photographer about what the piece means and what went into making it.

These photographs are moving and highly emotive art pieces, which serve a greater purpose in helping those who are suffering feel less alone.

4. Motif Collective

Motif Collective 1

If youre looking for more opportunities to showcase your fine art photography work, you should check out The Motif Collective asap. MC hosts monthly international photography competitions specifically for fine art photographers. Pretty much anyone over the age of 18 can enter, and the rules are basic and easy to follow.

Motif Collective 2

Each months contest has a themeor motifand a set of prizes clearly outlined for participants. It does cost money to enter, but the costs are pretty low, ranging from $9 for one entry to $20 for four entries.

Motif Collective 3

The winning photographs are displayed in the winners galleries every month, which include brief author’s bios and links to print galleries. If youre just looking for fine art photography inspiration, these galleries are fascinating to scroll through!

5. Boudoir Collective

Boudoir Collective 1

Are you a fan of boudoir? The Boudoir Collective is a blog that celebrates feminine diversity and supports the notion that boudoir photography empowers women in that it beautifully highlights intimacy, elegance, and feminism in its most delicate form.

Boudoir Collective 2

The great thing about boudoir photography is that it allows you to visually indulge in the beauty of the human body in beautiful, luxurious, and intimate scenes. The BC is an exquisite collective that supports artists who are passionate about what they do. This is a wonderful website to scroll through for fun and inspiration, and they take submissions from photographers as well, in case youre looking to showcase your work.

6. Bay Area Photographers Collective


The BAPC has been around since 1999 and consists of photographers who are local to the San Francisco Bay area. The organization was founded on the notion that there exists a need for an institution devoted to the development of the photographic community and its concerns. The website contains members galleries, activities, a yearly publication, and events and exhibits that can be found around San Francisco Bay.


Anyone local to the San Francisco Bay area can apply to join the collective and be granted ample opportunities to showcase their work and network with other photographers. Its also a great website for looking through fine art photography. Just head over to the members galleries and start browsing!

7. heist. Photography Collective


Heist is a real life, fine art gallery located in the Notting Hill district of Londonhowever, its not your average art gallery. The heist. gallery is special in that it combines photography, performance art, and beautiful interior design to give you a truly immersive fine art experience.

Heist Photography Collective 2

On the heist. Photography Collective website, you can access the heist. magazine, discover featured artists, or purchase prints from past exhibitions.

Heist Photography Collective 4

Everywhere you go on this website, there is something interesting or inspiring to look at. If you prefer fine art that is pristine or polished rather than raw, we highly recommend that you check out heist.

We hope you find these websites useful and interesting. Let us know if you have suggestions for more fine art photography websites in the comments.