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6 Interesting Websites on Wedding Photography

6 Interesting Websites on Wedding Photography

February 5, 2016

When it comes to wedding photography, the pressure is on—you’re expected to make art happen, even though you’ve had no control over the set design, location, lighting, colors, or subjects. On top of that, the photographs you take are going to be cherished forever, by the couple and their relatives, so there really isn’t much room for error.

These websites will help prepare you for shooting a wedding, whether that means providing you with resources, support from a community, or inspiration and new ideas from other successful professionals in the field.

1. Photographers Wedding Day Cheat Sheet and Shot List by Ryan Oakley

Ryan Oakley 1

The day of a wedding can be overwhelming experience, even for the photographer. You’ve got to make sure you have it all together, which makes using checklists a necessity. This checklist by Ryan Oakley is perfect for the occasion. It addresses common fears photographers may have of things that can go wrong, and gives advice for what to do if those fears come true. It also gives little tips that can help you turn it into a fun event rather than a stressful day on the job.

Toward the end of the document, there are information sheets you can fill out prior to the wedding so that when it comes to the big day, you’ll know who the mother  and father of the bride are, as well as the location of the venue, and other important info that will make you look professional. There’s also a huge shooting checklist to help you make sure you captured each important moment of the ceremony and preparations.

2. Wedding Photography Cheat Sheet via Digital Camera World

Digital Camera World Cheat Sheet


This wedding photography cheat sheet is another great resource for wedding photographers. It’s formatted as a flow chart, so it asks a question, like “Is the bride walking towards you or standing still?” Answering “Walking” or “Standing” will direct you to a different part of the chart, which contains information on what to do in that scenario. This cheat sheet covers advice for shooting the bride, inside the church, the bride and groom, and family and friends.

3. Wedding Photojournalist Association


If you’re looking for a community to join that will boost your credibility and attract new clients, you should consider joining the Wedding Photojournalist Association, or WPJA. To become a member, you must be a professional wedding photographer who takes high-quality images with an ongoing flow of work.

In return, your work will be showcased along-side other WPJA members, and brides, grooms, and wedding planners will be able to find your name in the directory. The WPJA is also a great place to enter contests, as well as a starting point for finding other photographers’ work to look through for inspiration.

4. The Wedding Artists Collective Blog


Wedding Artists Collective 1

The Wedding Artists Collective is made up of several wedding photographers who hail from different parts of the U.S. Their blog contains entries with visual coverage of notable weddings they’ve shot, as well as comments about what went down while shooting. This blog is a wonderful place to scroll through beautiful wedding photographs to get inspiration and new ideas for future shoots.

5. Wedding Editorials


Wedding Editorials 1

Wedding Editorials is another small collective of wedding photographers based in Toronto. Dedicated to “preserving life’s fleeting moments with style,” this collective is a great one to follow. The Wedding Editorials portfolio contains wedding and engagement photos that are refreshingly atypical and artistic, from which you can’t help but to draw inspiration for your own work.

6. Amberlight Collective

Amberlight Collective 1

The Amberlight Collective is a Las Vegas-based collective run by award-winning photographer, Danette Chappell. Danette’s love for her work comes out in her photographs—her images are fun, passionate, otherworldly, and stunning. It’s very obvious why anyone would love to have her as a photographer, which makes her a great professional to follow and keep up-to-date with.

Featured Image Credit: 19a.Wedding.DupontCircle.WDC.16August2014 by Elvert Barnes via Flickr

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