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6 Interesting Websites on Portrait Photography

6 Interesting Websites on Portrait Photography

January 31, 2016

Portraiture can be one of the most lucrative genres for a local photography business. In any city around the world, you’ll find clients who want visual records of their loved ones, whether to celebrate a graduation, wedding, birth, right of passage, or just to mark a memory. The key to succeeding in portraiture is to meld your own personal “voice” with that of your subject. Below you’ll find some websites that can help you improve and stay competitive as a portrait photographer.

1. The Fount Collective

Fount 1

If motherhood is a part of life you love to photograph, you should visit The Fount Collective. Fount is a blog that devotes itself to celebrating motherhood. The collective commits itself to “iconic imagery, words that dig beneath the surface, and the community that rises up when both these elements work in tandem.”


Fount 2

Portrait photographers can submit their work for a chance to have their images published on the blog as well as the quarterly Fount magazine. Fount also offers seasonal workshops for motherhood portrait photographers.

2. Big Folio

Big Folio 2

If you’re in the portrait photography business, it’s pretty much essential that you have your own website with a photo gallery that portrays your work. Having a photography website custom-made for you is obviously the best option, but web-hosting companies like Big Folio, which are dedicated specifically to photography, can help you get your work out there at a low cost and with little effort.

Big Folio 1

Big Folio boasts beautiful, professional-looking templates, an easy-to-use website builder, an online print store, mobile compatibility, WordPress installation, and a dedicated web support team. If that sounds like what you need, you can create a website demo with Big Folio’s 14-day trial.

3. Beloved Collective

Beloved 1

Beloved is a self-proclaimed photographic portrait genre that “celebrates and emphasizes the importance of relationship.” The goals of the collective are to help photographers make their subjects look beautiful and natural, even if they’re shy, as well as make the experience fun for the clients. Beloved also aims to expand the client base of its members through word-of-mouth marketing.

Beloved 2

Beloved uses a specific approach and technique when it comes to portrait photography. Photographers can sign up for online training courses to become certified as official Beloved photographers. You can also follow steps to become a Certified Beloved Teacher, which will allow you to teach Beloved courses in your local community.

4. MVMV 1

MV is a wedding and portrait photography collective based in the UK. The MV collective has very high standards when it comes to admitting new members—only full-time, professional, working photographers can apply.

MV 2

Getting admitted into this collective means getting your own members page where the best examples of your work are displayed to potential clients. The MV collective also hosts events, exhibits, and workshops. If you’re looking to browse for inspiration or education, you can check out the blog page and look through the members’ image galleries as well.

5. Ryan Muirhead Photography

Ryan Muirhead 1

Ryan Muirhead’s portrait photography technique is emotive, natural, and one of a kind. Instead of focusing on making his subjects look as attractive as possible, he focuses on capturing the essence of their feelings, emotions, and personalities. He’s a brilliant photographer, and looking through his galleries will inspire you to improve your own technique.

6. Nullerpsd

Nullerpsd 1

Lasse Damgaard, known for his print book American Portraits, is an amazing portrait photographer who hails from Denmark. If you’re ever looking for inspiration, you’ll find it in his beautiful portrait work. For educational purposes, he uploaded his Photoshop files to his alternative Deviantart account, Nullerpsd. Here, you can download his Photoshop files and toggle his edits layer by layer to see what steps he took to make his photographs look so stunning and edgy. If you want to improve your Photoshop technique, this is a rare opportunity and a great (free) place to start.

Featured Image: Julie’s Portrait by Melanie Lebel via Flickr

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