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5 Unique Photography Niches You Might Want to Try

September 21, 2017

It seems the majority of photographers today can fall into one of three main categories: fashion, wedding, or commercial. While these are excellent genres to pursue because of their high-demand, they can also have their drawbacks, particularly as a saturated market brings plenty of competition with it.

If you’re struggling to find work within these genres, the trick might be to niche-down, or even to scope out a whole new and unique photography genre altogether (and truly make it your own!).

According to, a niche should be “small enough to have few competitors but broad enough to have lots of buyers”, and this is exactly what the following 5 photography niches all have in common. They’re unusual and incredibly specific, yet genius enough to have you asking yourself: “why didn’t I think of that?”

Let’s explore each of them below!

Theater Production Photography

Let’s face it, theater productions are still a regular occurrence in any city, but when was the last time you came across a photographer specializing in this type of work? If you’re a lover of the stage yourself, and have always been drawn to these dramatic displays, why not hone your craft and start offering your services to your local theater groups or companies?

Sarah Walker and Cory Weaver are two examples of photographers making this niche work successfully for themselves, and they focus on a variety of jobs within this genre, such as capturing stills of the performances, shooting for promotional purposes, and documenting rehearsals and what goes on backstage. Judging by their colorful and action-packed portfolios, it looks as though they never have a dull day in their jobs!

Technology Photography

Technology is becoming an increasingly valued and used commodity in our society, yet there still aren’t many photographers specializing in this niche. Understandably, photographing the latest phone or gadget isn’t quite as glamorous as shooting a fast-paced fashion editorial, yet you’ll certainly have a lot less competition (and therefore, a lot more work), if you choose to go down this different route.

Mike Urwin is one such photographer who decided to embrace this niche, and he’s really made a name for himself within the industry. You might be wondering when photographing technology would be in-demand, but there’s plenty of work to embrace within this genre, including when a company releases a new product, when documenting the manufacturing process of a product, when advertising technological services or companies, or even when a publication is reporting on the subject and needs accompanying imagery.

Tattooed Bride Photography

This one might have you scratching your heads in confusion, but yes, it’s actually a photography niche (or rather, a sub-genre of wedding photography) that is gaining in popularity thanks to publications such as Rock n’ Roll Bride. Mike Allebach was one photographer to pioneer this movement and his portfolio is filled with happy-looking brides adorned with colorful, inky creations. After all, why shouldn’t a bride show-off both her stunning wedding dress and artful tattoos?

Birth Photography

It might sound a little unusual, but there’s definitely a need for photographers who specialize in capturing one of the most beautiful occurrences in life: the birth of a baby. This sub-genre of baby photography (or perhaps it belongs in a whole new category of its own!) sees the photographer either present in the room during birth, or walking in just moments later to capture those first, precious glances.

Ashley Marston is an example of a photographer specializing in birth photography and she explains: “I choose to document ‘LIFE.’ Whether it is those very first breaths, the milestones in between or those quiet and lost moments that often go unseen.”

Music Photography

This photography niche certainly isn’t a new one, but in terms of supply and demand, it’s totally worth it. Think about it: there are countless music concerts and events happening in any one city on any given day, yet music photography still remains one of the lesser-crowded niches. The genre has plenty of perks though, with music photographers often being paid to attend some of their favorite musical acts’ gigs. How great does that sound? Then there’s the other aspects of the job, like shooting their promotional imagery such as album covers, band portraits, and posters etc., as well as building a rapport with talented musicians. If you’re finding your current niche in photography becoming just too competitive for you, but still crave the adrenaline that comes with fast-paced, exciting work, then this may very well be the genre for you!

There you have it – 5 unique photography niches that you may not have thought of before! If you’ve been struggling with the overcrowded market and competition that comes with the more popular genres such as fashion, commercial, or wedding photography, then why not give any one of these niches a try? At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you’re pursuing work you feel passionate about, so don’t be afraid to brainstorm your own unique niches too!

Thanks to Smart Photo Courses for providing the image that links to this article.

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