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Deadline: December 01, 2014
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: €2

25th Bird and Nature Festival

25th Bird and Nature Festival Within the framework of the 25th Bird and Nature Festival, which will be held from April, 25 to May 3, 2015, an international wildbird photo competition is organized. Within the framework of the 25th Bird and Nature Festival, which will be held from April, 25 to May 3, 2015, an international wildbird photo competition is organized.


2015 categories
a) Bird in landscape: Pleasing shots of birds within the beauty of environment. The landscape is the most important part of the picture.
b) Bird portrait: Portraits should capture the unique character or spirit of the bird, give an emotion and convey a sense of intimacy and immediacy.
c) «Mrs. and Mr»: The photo might focus on the differences between male and female, or just illustrate everyday life of the pair.
d) Funny bird: The picture must show a bird in a funny situation, an acrobatic position, or with a bizarre morphology or behavior.
e) Artistic vision of bird: Plays of light, speed, graphics, colors are the essentials of this picture as opposed to an «ornithological» photo.

It is the responsability of each participant to adhere to all national and international laws pertaining to the location where the photo has been taken, including those regarding protected species. Pictures of domesticated, trained or
captive wild animals or pets are prohibited.
Participants are expected to keep in mind the well-being of the birds and their environment and to avoid injury or distress to the birds or destruction of their habitat. Any photo that, in the Jury’s opinion, has been achieved through
unethical or harmful conduct will be removed from the contest.
We value new images and fresh ideas. For this reason, we strongly request you do not enter images that have already been awarded in our competition or in any other significant nature photography competition.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Grand Prix to the overall winner awarded with a sum of € 1 500

First Prize in each category awarded with a sum of € 800

Public Prize awarded to the picture which has totalized the more votes from the visitors of the exhibition

Each winner will be invited to the Award Ceremony on May 2, 2015. The Festival will offer for 2 people : one night in a hotel room / a first class return train ticket : Paris Abbeville - Paris or the equivalent in cash, a meal with the other nominated entrants (directors, producers and photographers). ELIGIBILITY: Open to All / 18+

JPEG form at and 3:2 ratio. The picture must be of exactly 3 500 pixels on its longest side , the shortest side should be of about 2 333 pixels Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: The images are original works created by participants and they should not violate the rights of any other party. Each participant will be the owner of copyright in order to present the image in the contest.
Copyright attached to all images will remain with the copyright holder who will be credited in accordance with the rules (© photographer’s name) USAGE RIGHTS: By entering the competition, the author of the winning and/or selected photos grants the right to the Festival to
print out his/her picture(s) for the exhibition held from April 25th to May 3, 2015, during the 25th Bird and Nature
Festival. The awarded photographs and some fifty others will constitute an itinerant non-profit exhibition to promote the Festival.

All winners and selected photographers allow the Festival to use their name and photograph without profitthrough the promoting, advertising and any communication related to the competition, exhibition or the event as a whole without receiving additional compensation. They allow our partner Chasseur d’Images to reproduce their photograph in order to achieve a portfolio that will be distributed free on all sites during the event, in magazines and paperback Nat’Images and Chasseur d’Images.
The Festival will not make other use of the work without prior consent of the author.

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