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Deadline: Oct 08, 2021
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry

2021 ICM International Martial Arts Photo Contest

2021 ICM International Martial Arts Photo Contest

1. Application Period: 10 SEP 2021 (FRI) ~ 8 OCT 2021 (Fri) 24:00 (GMT +9:00 KST)

2. Eligibility: Anyone interested in martial arts and photography regardless of age and country (The contest is open to both Koreans and Foreign nationals)

3. Theme: The value and philosophy of martial arts in our everyday lives

4. Format: All kinds of digital cameras (Color and Black&White photos)
❍ How to submit: Upload your work less than 5MB Size (JPEG or JPG)
– Either Color or Black&White photos taken with a digital device
– All kinds of digital cameras allowed including DSLR (Film type of photo will not be accpeted )
– Name of work, description, location and the timing of the shoot must be written
– Maximum 3 photographs per person / No dates and times limited
❍ Winning works: Make sure that you may be asked to submit more than 10MB Size of the original copy of your work
– Long side should be 3,000 Pixel or above
– Works that are restricted for entry

5. How to submit: Application only can be registered ‘2021 ICM Photo Contest’Website ( →‘Apply’→ Agree to the rules of the contest, personal information* → Submit your work (Upload)
* Applicant information and Work information: Basic information (Name, Date of Birth, Email, Mobile No, Nationality, etc), Work information (Title of the work, Shooting location and time, Explanation of the work)

6. Entry Fee : None

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Grand Prize: 3,000,000 KRW ($2,500 USD ish) / 1 Person
Gold Prize: 2,000,000 KRW ($1,700 USD ish) / 2 People
Silver Prize: 1,000,000 KRW ($850 USD ish) / 3 People
Bronze Prize: 500,000 KRW ($425 USD ish) / 5 People
Fine Work Prize: 200,000 KRW ($170 USD ish) / 25 People Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: ❍ The work should be a pure creation owned by the applicant himself/herself, and the centre(ICM) can reproduce, distribute, edit, and display works for non-profit and public interest purposes only for winning works.
❍ Some of the copyrights for the work may be transferred or permission to use may be obtained with consultation with the owner of copyright separetly.
❍ The copyright of the works submitted to the contest belongs to the applicant and to the winners even after winning of the awards.
❍ ICM may use winning works for non-profit and public interest purposes, and may create secondary works after individual consultation with the winners.
❍ When winning the prize in the future, the applicant is deemed to have permitted the used of the work within the scope of the methods and conditions stated in the contest regulations, and the payment for the winning work usage may be replaced by a prize money (or gifts).
❍ In the event of a dispute, it may be resolved by applying for mediation to the Korea Copyright Commission, and the both parties shall endeavor with each other to solve the dispute smoothly.
❍ ICM will pay attention to preventing any leakage of submitted entries and discard un-winning works within 30 days of date of the final announcement of the winners. USAGE RIGHTS: ❍ The applicant’s personal information is not filled in or the contents are unclear
❍ In case where the contents related to the application are omitted or different from the facts
❍ In case where the photo works that you submitted violates the rights of the 3rd Party, such as portrait rights and copyrights, etc.
❍ The applicant is not a copyright holder of work or is judged to be plagiarism and synthesis of other works
❍ The application is already selected as the winner of another contest
❍ In case the work is not in accordance with the contest regulations
❍ In case the original is not submitted after screening process of the preliminary evaluation
❍ In case the submitted original data does not match the application criteria
❍ When applicant does not submit the documents requested
❍ If the work that you submitted does not meet an entry condition, the selection of the work may be cancelled
❍ The contents of the evaluation process are not disclosed, and any objections against the decision made from the committee cannot be raised such as the composition of the judges and the results of the final evaluation
❍ Other matters not mentioned here are in accordance with the decision of the UNESCO ICM, the organizer of this contest

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