Deadline: Jul 11, 2018
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: $2 per mobile entry or $15 per standard entry

2nd ROYGBIV Awards – International Color Competition
Telly’s Photos

Telly’s Photos

We are currently running 4 active contests between the months of April and July. Each contest has its own theme and is divided into two categories: standard entries and mobile entries. Please read more about the individual contests here:

Tamron Student Showcase

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: $100 prize for the winner of each category. Each of our 4 contests has 2 categories: standard entries and mobile entries. That's a total prize pool of $800! Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: The artist maintains copyright of all images submitted to our contests. If we use an image for commercial purposes, the artist will get a return of 88% for the work they submitted after it is sold no less than 7 days after payment for the art is has been received into our account. The artist will always be credited. USAGE RIGHTS: We reserve the right to alter, copy, print, distribute or sell any and all material received in our various sites. Fair credit and/or compensation will be given to the artist in accordance with our current company policies. We have the right to change rules, payment methods, and compensation amounts from time to time without notice. We are an artist focused company and will always make sure the artist gets more than the company in reputation and credit and long term financial reward. The artist has ownership and full right to distribute or promote his or her own work in any way they see fit, even at the same time we are doing the same with the artist’s work. For further clarification on any rules or if you have any questions related to any part of our business please email us at

More information here:

Photo Competition

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