Deadline: Apr 11, 2018
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Collectif du Herisson Awards
Photography Contest MyNature

Photography Contest MyNature

My nature is a concept that can be interpreted in many ways conceptually. That which surrounds us, our everyday life or our daily routine can be part of ”My nature”. My nature can be many things. Being a writer, a doctor, a decorator, a carpenter. Anything with which we identity ourselves and is natural for us to do. ”My nature” can also be interpreted as the flora and fauna surrounding me. Participate with your best images that interpret this concept.

From 3 October 2017 to 11 April 2018

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Contest Prize & TERMS


1st prize: iPhone 8 of 64GB
2nd. prize: Personalized Photo Book with your photographic work
3rd. prize: Picglaze printing gift voucher of € 300 Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

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• The Blipoint platform agrees to respect the moral rights recognized in favor of the photographers through Article 14 of the Consolidated Text on Intellectual Property Law. USAGE RIGHTS: By submitting, posting, or displaying content, the authors participating in this contest authorize Punto y Línea 07 S.L., a company registered in Spain and the legal representative of the Blipoint platform, to undertake (on a non-exclusive basis) the public reproduction, distribution, and dissemination of all finalist entries under the following terms: Right to reproduction: for the purposes of creating postcards, posters, and inserts for the press in order to promote the contest, as well as for publication via different online channels, such as social networks, on the Blipoint website, and blogs that are related with art and photography – all this with the sole aim of disseminating and promoting the contest winners.

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