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A New Winner for the MiniSpace Check-Mate Contest

April 8, 2013

We are delighted to announce that today MiniSpace has informed us that the original winner Romain Eloy of the Check-Mate art contest has had his entry removed due to the reasons outlined in the controversy that arose from the contest.

The winner of the Check-Mate art contest is now Checkered Doors by Abdul Cader, from Hong Kong, he has now been awarded the first place prize of a MacBook Pro and proper accreditation.




In addition to this, the former winning entry’s original photographer Kevin Collins has also been awarded a prize in recognition of his creative work.


We’d like to congratulate Abdul and Kevin for their stunning photography.

  • Alain

    Really not hard! this guy dishonored photography and France

  • Steve Williams

    Romain Eloy Should be disqualified from ALL competitions. It is hard enough to make it in this business without muppets like this taking other peoples excellent work as their own.

    Well done to Abdul and Kevin Stunning work

  • My images are unlikely to be as desirable as the one by Kevin Collins, but I’d still like to know if any of them has been stolen. Therefore, can anyone please tell me how to find out if it’s happened?.

  • Well done Abdul and Kevin. Its very frustrating that people still think it’s ok to steal the work of others, I hope he learns his lesson!

    @Rob – have you looked at Digimarc ( It allows you to embed a digital watermark into the actual image, giving you the ability to track the image should it appear online. Other than plastering your work with visible watermarks i’m not aware of another suitable method.

  • BMJ

    This person should be more named and shamed. He should be put on youtube, myspace, twitter, facebook, flickr to name a few sites, and have his photo on there. This would let people know he’s a thief, and make contest organizers alittle more aware of maggots like this Romain Eloy.

  • Kishore Jothady

    Many of the contest organizers prevent entrants from including a watermark on their images (fair enough, so that the judges can not be influenced) but then put those images on Facebook from where I believe it is comparitively easy to ‘lift’ an image. Best thing is not to risk our images in any contests. This is utterly disgusting.