Deadline: 31st May 2011
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: € 20,00

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Rotary Photo Contest 2011

Rotary Photo Contest 2011 International digital imaging competition. Price value € 5.000,00 (€ 3.900,00 in cash plus benefits). Open to worldwide professional and non-professional photographers.

The Rotary Club Iglesias organizes the first edition of the international photo contest called Rotary Photo Contest 2011

The competition is open to all Rotarians, non-Rotarians, amateurs and professional photographers, fans around the world. Can NOT participate in any way part of the jury and their first-degree relatives, and members of the Rotary Club Iglesias and their first-degree relatives.

The competition is divided into two sections:

Each participant can submit up to four images per section, and may participate in one or both sections. Each contestant may enter only once in the contest. The fee of € 20,00 is for both sections.

Payments can be done via money transfer or Paypal.

Aims of the project
The Photo Contest designed and built by the Rotary Club Iglesias, has a twofold purpose.

1. The first is to raise awareness and then encourage Sulcis Iglesiente Area development. A land office and the main part of Geo-Mineral Park of Sardinia, rich in old mining settlements, suggestive caves, beautiful scenery, a land steeped in history located in the town of Iglesias is the top cultural and artistic, with its splendid Old Town and its many ancient churches.
2. The second concerns the financing of several major projects of the Rotary Club of Iglesias and Rotary International in general.

In particular:

* Contributing to the project “End Polio Now”, by which the Rotary Club around the world intend to complete the eradication of polio. An amazing project, which began more than twenty years ago, who needs the last effort to reach its accomplishment.
* Funding for local Scholarships to increase the commitment of Rotary service in the territory.
* Funding projects for student study-exchange in which local youths can spend a year studying abroad, and foreign-students can do the same experience in our city. Experience crucial for personal and cultural growth, as well as the goals of Rotary is to “promote understanding and peace among people”
* To complete a major project that involves the construction of water wells and the strengthening of health services at the Mission Garba Camp in Kenya, such dry place where people lack the basic requirements for survival.


PX3 State of the World

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: - FREE THEME: First: € 1.300,00, Second: € 700.00, Third: € 500,00

- SULCIS IGLESIENTE THEME AND GEOMINERARY PARK AREA: First: € 500.00 + Stay 3 nights with half board for two people to Iglesias (worth € 480.00)
Second: € 400.00, Third: € 300.00

SPECIAL MENTION: No. 8 volumes of value for the Geominerario Historical and Environmental Park of Sardinia ELIGIBILITY: Everybody Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: All rights to the images presented in the competition, remain property of their participants. USAGE RIGHTS: The organization reserves the right to use them for promotional purposes of the contest related to it, such as exhibitions, public exhibitions, publishing catalogues or books. In any case the use of images from the organization will be exclusively for charitable purposes and never for profit. For these uses, no participant may demand redress of their rights.

Photo Competition

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