Deadline: 5th January 2011
Entry Fee: $15 USD

PX3 State of the World

Photo of the Year 2010

POTy Logo 2 Photo of the Year is an amateur photography contest benefiting the Outdoor School in Portland, Oregon. Our contest provides a venue for amateur photographers to gain exposure for their work while bringing together community members and businesses to support an important local outdoor education program.


Top 100: Dramatic vistas, stunning flora and fauna, an artful picture of a door…you name it. Top 100 photos can be of just about anything (anything fit for family consumption, that is). As the name implies, 100 photos will compete against each other for the honored title of Photo of the Year 2010.

Faces: Who can forget Goat Boy from POTY 2005? Let’s see your best up close and personal photos.  Good luck beating Goat Boy’s cuteness, though.

Weather: Mother Nature can present herself in all kinds of different moods – from peaceful to downright intimidating.  And we’re sure you’ve captured these moods on that fancy camera of yours.  Send us your best shots of Mother Nature in action.

Youth: Any students out there with a strong attachment to your digital camera? This category is for photos taken by those 18 and under.  Use that youthful imagination and make your mom proud. TEACHERS, say it with us, “Hmm…Photo of the Year…what a great addition to my curriculum…I should email the folks at POTY about submitting photos as a class!”

Professional: Okay Pros, now is your chance compete in Photo of the Year.  The Photo of the Year will still go to an amateur photographer, but this category will showcase work done by the professional photographers out there.  So send us your best!

PX3 State of the World

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: $500 for Photo of the Year, $200 for winner of Professional Category. ELIGIBILITY: Anyone. Specific categories for Professional and Youth Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Photographers will retain original copyrights to their photos USAGE RIGHTS: Entrants grant Photo of the Year permission to use their photos in any publication, marketing, or fundraising materials for the future promotion of the Photo of the Year event. By submitting your photo(s), you agree to these terms.

Photo Competition

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