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10 Interesting How-To Photography Guides Online

10 Interesting How-To Photography Guides Online

February 7, 2016

There are lots of ways in which you can benefit from reading a how-to guide, even when you are more experienced in photography. When you are just starting out, all you have to do is read a few guides and you can start to really understand how to grow your photography skills. Later on in your career, reading these guides could give you some insight into how to change up your routine, break into a new style, or even pick up a little hack or trick that you have missed until now. It’s never too late to learn something new – so take a look at these ten guides to learn some very interesting photography techniques and tricks!

1. Tips for Better Zoo Photos

tips for zoo photography

How many of us really optimise the images we take on a fun day out at the zoo? Truth is, it’s a great chance to get up close and personal with some amazing wildlife. Here’s how to make the most of the opportunity – or even to plan a visit to the zoo for the specific purpose of getting some really great shots.

2. How to Shoot for Optimum Bokeh


This article includes tips on how to create bokeh, the beautiful shapes that appear in the background as a result of lights that are beyond your range of focus. If you’re unaware of what bokeh is or how to create it, the tips are here. It also has the additional benefit of telling you how to create it in Photoshop when you don’t have the natural opportunity to create it!

3. Daily Mail Used My Images

dailymail used my images

This one is a bit of a precautionary tale, and gives you a template on how to go about getting compensation if your photographs are used without your permission. The writer documents his own struggles in this exact position, and what he did to get his voice heard.

4. DIY Photo Lightbox


This guide is indispensable for photographers on a budget. It shows you how to make your own lightbox without needing to shell out for anything expensive. It’s a real lifesaver for amateurs and professionals alike – and it really works!

5. How to Relax Your Subject for a Genuine Portrait


Photography guides often deal with how to use your camera. This one looks at how you can act towards your subjects instead, creating more effective shots with your behaviour. Not everyone has this innate skill, so it’s worth learning!

Essentials for Food Photography

food photography tips

If you have ever wondered how to make stunning food photography, these tips are the way to do it. Not only that, but they work for just about any kind of still-life photography you might want to try. Be sure to take the advice on board as it comes not from a professional photographer, but from a food blogger who learnt it all the hard way.

6. Mistakes Photographers Make When Submitting

mistakes as a photograper

This article is all about what not to do when trying to get your work published. Whether it is a tiny local magazine or an online behemoth read by millions, your submission protocol should be the same. Avoid these mistakes if you want to see your work in print.

8. Complete Beginner’s Guide

basic guide for a photographer

This huge super-guide is great for those who are total beginners, as it is very comprehensive and covers everything from the bottom up. If you need to learn the basics before you can get on to the really exciting stuff, make this your first stop.

9. Use Nikon Lenses on Canon DSLRs


This is an amazing hack which could allow you to use lenses from one brand on the camera body of another. It is especially relevant for those who have owned both brands in the past and don’t want to end up with useless equipment.

10. Create Tilt-Shift Photos

tilt shift effect

This article shows you how to create tilt-shift photos in Photoshop, which is always a lot of fun. We’ve all seen the amazing perspective images that result from this technique, and it is thrilling to be able to try it out for yourself.