Deadline: June 08, 2014
Winner is: Judged
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The Other Hundred Entrepreneurs Photo Contest

The Other Hundred Entrepreneurs Photo Contest We want you to send us photographs of the world’s Other Hundred Entrepreneurs – portraits that capture the infinite variety of ways in which people venture out on their own to create their own livelihoods. We’re not looking for conventional success stories, but rather images that show just how entrepreneurial people can be when it comes to taking control of their lives.

Submissions may be a single photograph or a series of up to 10 photographs accompanied by 250-500 words to telling the subject’s story. There is no limit to the number of entries per person. All submissions are free. Our jury, featuring Ruth Eichhorn and Yumi Goto, will select 100 winners from the submissions.

Past participants of The Other Hundred include such award-winning photographers as Ami Vitale, Reza, Tomas Munita, Edwin Koo, and Franco Pagetti. The first edition of The Other Hundred has been featured in over 110 media outlets, including CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, The Guardian, Forbes, and NHK. Photographs from the winning 100 stories were exhibited at both Pacific Place and Asia Society in Hong Kong with additional events to follow in New York, Berlin, Beijing, Singapore, and the UAE in 2014.

The Other Hundred is a unique photo-book project aimed as a counterpoint to the Forbes 100 and other media rich lists by telling the stories of people around the world who are not rich but who deserve to be celebrated.

Its 100 photo-stories move beyond the stereotypes and clichés that fill so much of the world’s media to explore the lives of people whose aspirations and achievements are at least as noteworthy as any member of the world’s richest 1,000.

A not-for-profit project, The Other Hundred was conceived by Chandran Nair, Founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow, an independent Hong Kong based think tank providing content-rich and intellectually challenging executive education from an Asian worldview. “The goal of The Other Hundred is both to inform and to provoke thought,” says Nair. “The implication of many of the rich lists and articles put out by the media is that being rich is the only way to succeed or live a life of meaning. The reality is that the majority of the people in the world are not rich and we wanted to tell their side of the story.”


Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: 1st Place: US$5,000
2nd Place: US$2,000
3rd Place: US$1,000

All other winners will receive a US$300 honorarium.

All winners will receive a complimentary copy of The Other Hundred Entrepreneurs. ELIGIBILITY: Open to All Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: The Other Hundred will respect and cite author copyright information. When the participant submits photographs to The Other Hundred, the participant remains the copyright owner of the photographs the participant submits to The Other Hundred and The Other Hundred does not claim ownership of photographs the participant submits to The Other Hundred. USAGE RIGHTS: By submitting to The Other Hundred, you grant permission to The Other Hundred to use your submitted photographs in exhibitions, in publications, and in promotional materials, and for educational, research, and historical record purposes concerning The Other Hundred, without any remuneration being due. This usage includes, but is not limited to, slides/tapes, television film/tapes, videodisc, DVDs, CDs, websites, and any other type of mechanical, electronic, or digital dissemination systems.

Photo Competition

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