1x Photo Awards - Win $10.000!
1x Photo Awards - Win $10.000!

PExclusive contest by curated 1x.com. Judge, world-famous Steve McCurry. $10.000 grand prize, 26 winners, total prize sum over $17.000.



SCENE Magazine-Avant-garde Photo Contest

Entry: Free Entry
Entry Fee: Free
Winner is: Judged
Deadline: 20th June 2011

Scene logo SCENE is an international oriented magazine published in Singapore. It has its theme focus on hairstyling, makeup, attire and portrait photography. Each quarter’s issue is presented in different theme to showcase the unique creative ideas and professional skills of the artists.

The artists absorb the essence of world trends, couple with personal ideas and creativity, and combine them into individual style. SCENE provides a fun stage for the artists to immerse themselves into the world’s latest fashion hot trends, to share their ideas and express their own styles.

Next theme: ” Avant-garde”
Advance guard claims to be second to none while vanguard defines as a pioneer. Avant-garde stands for being unconventional and unorthodox, which is at the beginning of an era and in front of a trend. It purely means trying to achieve it before anyone else ever starts to do so and to abandon it while others are trying.
Explore what the predecessors have traversed; abandon what is already in possession; travel down the road where others do not dare to or have never walked before; create unique unprecedented works. SCENE welcome avant-garde works in the fields of hairdressing, makeup, fashion design and photography. If you want to astound the world, join us in SCENE Issue 07’s “Avant-garde Collection” to showcase your unusual and wonderful thoughts!

Participate in SCENE’s thematic works collection and you will stand to push your popularity and exposure to the next level when your work is selected to be featured in SCENE magazine’s “Open Works Photography” exhibition gallery in Singapore in 2012.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Exposure in a dynamic hairstyling, makeup, fashion & photography magazine.

ELIGIBILITY: All Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Photographer retains the ownership rights to the photos.

USAGE RIGHTS: By submitting your entries, you agree to grant SCENE magazine the royalty-free rights to publish your work in the magazine and also on SCENE's website and related media.

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